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  1. Hello, I installed Guitar Rig with both VST2 and VST3 version (from the installation menu) but after rescanning multiple times, Cakewalk can only see the VST2 Guitar Rig under the Guitar folder of effects. I tried to look into Uncategorized or other folders but I can't find the VST3 of Guitar Rig. I checked in my pc and I have Guitar Rig plugin installed in Programs/Cakewalk/VstPlugins and Native Instrument folder 32 bit (not in Cakewalk scan path but I don't care about the 32 bit version)
  2. Thanks, i will try it and tell if thats what I was looking for. The strange thing is that every project I open has this "feauture" but after a bit of recordin, moving, etc I don't have it anymore. Maybe I trigger something that i don't know EDIT: Thank you so much man, that was the issue, I own you my mental sanity! @John Vere
  3. How can I do that? P.S. I want the cursor to move from bar to bar so i can place tracks and midi correctly, otherwise i need to manually open the piano roll, zoom in, click on the bar and then move things
  4. Hello everybody, when I open a project the cursor moves from bar to bar and that makes swapping part and placing track extremely easy for me. But after some minutes of using the program and swapping from smart to select etc., it doesn't do that anymore, it goes "full range" (I don't know how to express) and I cant place things correctly in bars. How can I fix it?
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