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  1. Dear msmcleod, I know it aleady. But, every when I draw control data, I should click two buttons, 'Draw tool' and 'Snap off' After then, to enter the notes I should click two other buttons again, 'Smart tool' and 'Snap On'. Why did you abandon the Sonar X3's convenient way? Please...
  2. I visited the Cakewalk Forum after a long time, and after discovering the'Articulation Map', I was very happy. This feature was what I requested about 2 years ago. Sincere thanks to the Cakewalk development team. However, as a person who arranges orchestra music a lot, I have one more thing I want, and this is also what I requested two years ago. When modifying control data in Cakewalk Bandlab, the graph sticks to the mouse pointer as shown in the following figure. I guess this function is probably designed to make it easy to change the playing method with control data. In other words, it is designed to be able to adjust the control value up and down. But now that'Articulation Map' has appeared, isn't this function of control data no longer necessary? This feature is very annoying for those who draw a lot of control data. (So I'm still using the Sona X3) Can't you make the following On/Off options?
  3. In the lastest CWB, the kontakt's file browser doesn't show the file lists (like the detached picture). I tested it also in Sonar X3e and Sonar Platinum, but there is no this problem. It happens only in CWB.
  4. midist

    AAF support

    It may be similar to XML file in StudioOne and Steinberg.
  5. Adding this, I suggest a StudioOne's function, 'Pack Folder'. 1. Select tracks. 2. Click 'Pack Folder' 3. One folder be generated and all tracks are bounded, automatically. It is very convenient. But I hope one more step, "It asks for me to enter the name of the folder before it is generated." For many musical arrangers of orchestra(they must manage massive tracks) , this function is very helpful.
  6. I was trying to use Cakewalk BL's Piano Roll, but I returned to Sonar X3 again... I describe some reasons. 1. There are no need for 'Snap On' for controller datas. [Picture. 1] Most of controller data is useful when they present preceding or after notes. If they were on the same position of the note, it is possible to occur unpredicted volume error. Because the contoller become effective after the note sounds, sometimes. The Previous 'Sonar 8 and Sonar X3' didn't have this function. Cubase does too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. I suggest option for "Smart tool catchs controller On/Off'" [Picture. 2] Some people prefer "Off" . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. I suggest 'The Switch for alternative tools', as StudioOne4 or Cubase. For example: Alt + PencileTool => SmartTool (or) Selection Tool Ctrl + PencilTool => Enable to enter note. Shift + SmartTool => Adding the selection (Like Sonar 8) Ctrl + SmartTool => Exclude the selection (Like Sonar 8) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The 'Time+' parameter needs for shortcut key in Track inspector. [Picture. 3] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. I suggest the shortcut key for 'snap on/off' in PRV. [Picture. 4] 6. I suggest the shortcut key for switch the selection fo visual tracks in piano roll view, loke as old Sonar.
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