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  1. THANKS for the REPLY! Output port setting are correct on cakewalk, I will check the outings and mappings on clockworks
  2. Hi i/m new here,i just recently bought a used motu micro express usb (older version serial # Microu...) I bought the micro express to sync up with an external multitrack(Tascam dp32sd) I downloaded the drivers( win7 64) for the micro express from motu.install went smooth.Opening clockworks i noticed in the routings window no micro express ports routings. On Cakewalk devices ,the micro express ports are all there ,i checked all of them. Yet no sound,no activity on a previous project that was done using m-audio usb hardware midi interface ,and worked perfectly. Motu is connected to a usb 2.0 input on my pc. I'm running cakewalk bandlab on a win7 64 bit pc. Any help would be appreciated!
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