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  1. That has worked amazingly, thank you. I did do a quick search of the forum, but only kept getting posts about routing. It didn't seem to work for the first try, but I think maybe the plugin just needed to reload, and it has worked every time I've tried since.
  2. Hi all. Usually, I can easily insert a drum VSTi in Cakewalk and drop MIDI drum loops in, and it all plays fine. However, I've recently discovered that I can download a guitar pro file from my favourite guitar tab site (Songsterr.com), which I can open in Tuxguitar and delete the other tracks, leaving only the drum track. This file plays fine in Windows Media Player, but when I insert it into Cakewalk, it silences my drum kit and I don't know why. To run you through my method, started with an empty Cakewalk project, I click + to add a track, selecting Instrument and adding SI Drums as a split instrument. At this point, clicking on the various drums in the VSTi popup generates sound, and if I drop in a "normal" drum MIDI loop from my media folders, it works perfectly. However, if I drop in the Tuxguitar exported drum track, the VSTi goes silent. I originally thought it might have been a drum map issue or something, but even clicking on the drum icons in the VSTi popup results in no sound and no indication of any sound in the console for any tracks (so it's not just a hearing issue). Adding a second drum kit works fine, until I try and load the songsterr MIDI. Any suggestions on things I can look at to try and fix this? I'm happy to spend time on getting this working, as it will save me a lot of time just loading MIDI drums rather than programming them when I want to create backing tracks etc. Thank you very much
  3. Hi @reginaldStjohn I am relatively new to Cakewalk, so I haven't done a huge amount with it at the moment. I did previously have it set up with my Zoom G1u with ASIO but as I was just working on some "mouse-and-keyboard programmed" backing tracks, I had no interface. so it was set to WASAPI shared (so I could have Chrome/YT etc.). Weirdly, despite opening/closing the project several times yesterday, and working on some other projects with no issues, it persisted but it has gone this morning. The only real different is that the laptop was shutdown overnight (as opposed to just restarting Cakewalk which I had already tried). Maybe that does point towards an internal soundcard error in some way. Looks like it has been resolved for now, but I'll obviously come back if it reoccurs. Thank you
  4. Hi all. I'm still very much a noob at Cakewalk, and I was noodling around creating a drum track with some audio clips as added percussion. I applied a reverb FX to the SI Drum Kit, and didn't like the way that the bass drum was reverbing, so I decided to split the drum midi into two sections, each going to a different instance of the SI Drum Kit (one with FX applied and one without). However, I get a silent playback now unless I drop the Gain slider in the Console for the track down to -INF. Anything other than that results in the bar being slammed into the red and Cakewalk refusing to play any sound (even if the MIDI track or bass drum instrument are muted). At first, I thought it might be fact that Omni is set in the console, but everything else is None, but that changes when I select a different strip, so I don't think it is that. I've attached a screenshot which I think shows all the relevant inputs and outputs and I don't know what else to check. Thank you very much.
  5. I'm not saying this is spooky, but I literally just found your similar comment on this thread and was working my way through my requirements http://forum.cakewalk.com/Recommended-Audio-Interface-for-Sonar-m3281386.aspx In the meantime, I was digging around in my box of old guitar bits, and I came across my old Zoom G1u - which claims to work as an interface with USB (and I believe has dedicated ASIO but I need to confirm that). I plan on giving that a whirl tonight and seeing if there is anything different. Might not be great for bass, we'll have to see, but might do the trick for the guitar parts.
  6. Yeah, I'm starting to resign myself to having to buy something else. I'm fortunate enough to not have the hum issues that I've heard over people have suffered from, but obviously that doesn't help if I get my current issues instead. I'm not keen on having to mic up, mainly to stop my family moaning :D but I think a proper audio interface on WASAPI might end up being the solution. Now to navigate the many different brands and models and price points available...
  7. Hi tecknot, unfortunately the amp doesn't come with its own driver.
  8. Hi all First time poster, only discovered this forum whilst trying to resolve an issue I have. I'm relatively new the world of DAWs, having played with the trial version of FL Studio in the past, but that is a breeze compared to the learning curve that is Cakewalk. Anyway, fundamentally, I want to use Cakewalk to record demo ideas for songs by recording bass/guitar and using synths/drums as MIDI. However, whilst Creative Sauce videos have helped me a lot with the VST side of things, I'm struggling with recording my plugged in instruments. I have a Blackstar ID:Core BEAM amp, which has bluetooth and USB connectivity. I'm aware that the amp won't act as a true DI (there are no options to remove the amp modelling etc.), as these are just demos and I quite like the sound of the amp, I'm not too fussed by the sounds. Additionally, the amp claims to have the ability to a feature to be silent whilst still outputting through the USB. If I can then hear and track through my headphones plugged into my laptop, that is great. Laptop spec is pretty good, Win10, 32GB RAM, i7-10875H processor (8-core, 16 threads), 500GB SSD and 1TB HD and nothing major is running at the same time (I haven't tried with Wifi/AV turned off yet though). No dedicated soundcard (yet!). The amp works fine when using it's own software (which is used to adjust presets and control the effects "live"), the software recently upgraded to Architect from Insider but it appears to just be a GUI refresh. Blackstar's own YT videos suggest ASIO, so I installed ASIO4ALL at first. However, in that case, the amp isn't recognised as an input (only ASIO4ALL is listed for input and output) and when I try and record alongside the midi-programmed drums, I just get a recording of the drums as an audio file. I came across FlexAsio which is on github, which I thought would solve my issues, but whilst it works pretty well, the latency is really bad and the configuration files didn't seem to install (and the suggested GUI also has issues). I haven't played enough with it to understand what the configuation file should be and thus haven't created one from scratch. I've had a bit more luck with WASAPI, both exclusive and shared, and my amp is then recognised as an input. However, it plays with an awful latency through my headphones (almost as bad as the FlexAsio). Even the metronome and midi-programmed drums seem to play with a slightly delay version as well, causing weird phase issues and echo noise. Obviously, one solution would be to buy an interface and use that, but for now I'd like to try some solutions that don't require me investing more money, has anyone get any solutions? Thank you very much!
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