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  1. D'ya know, I was so fixated originally on getting the sound "live" that I discarded that solution, and after a while I came around to editing it in afterwards, and I totally blanked on this incredibly simple solution. Thank you, I feel like quite the numpty now
  2. Hi everyone. Apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum. I'm looking for a way to create a harmonisation of a single guitar line (specifically the intro melody to Muscle Museum by Muse). The obvious way to manually do this is to duplicate the part and pitch shift it up 3 semitones but unfortunately on of the notes is pitched up 4 semitones. Short of cutting the audio up and applying different pitch shifts to each note, is there a more effective way that I have missed within Cakewalk? Additionally, if there is a free VST that anyone could recommend that would do this live for me, that would be awesome (as it would allow me to mess around in "live-time"). One thing that has occurred to me whilst typing this (I'm away from Cakewalk at the moment) might be to use something like Graillon on a second track and "arm and input echo" both tracks simultaneously, although I'm not sure at the moment whether it has the capability to adjust the harmonisation between 3 and 4 semitones.
  3. Cheers, I didn't have the lock enable, so I've changed that now and will give it a go!
  4. Hi everyone. Typically, I structure my projects with a few empty measures at the start, and then a bunch of markers to help me structure the rest of the work. When I want to create a rough mix to listen too "offline", I have to live with several seconds of silence at the start of the piece, so I delved into the not-so-obvious world of trying to delete the measures at the start of the piece (it isn't anywhere near as logical as "insert measure"). I eventually found a way to shift all of the clips at least, by turning on "ripple edit" and deleting the measure, but it only moved the tracks and not the markers. Is this the only way of doing this, or am I overlooking something really simple? Is there a way to get the markers to follow the piece along with the ripple edit? Thank you
  5. I think it is solved, kinda. Using the information in this post from 2019, the solution was switching the render properties from Elastique to Groove, and doing the same in my project has also sorted it. I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the two is, so I think it is time for some reading for me.
  6. Hi everyone. I have a project which has a relatively simple drum beat with a percussion loop and a couple of hi-hat loops playing simultaneously. The project tempo is 104BPM and I used audiosnap and quantising to get the percussion loop aligned nicely to the drum MIDI. The HiHats also required a little stretching and underwent a similar audiosnap/quantising procedure. When playing, I randomly sometimes get it sounding great (maybe 1 in 3 playthroughs), and sometimes it sounds like the timing is "off" and all of the tracks sound like they are doing their own thing. Freezing the tracks seems to fix it and it sounds great now, but I don't understand what exactly is going on to cause the randomness. I don't mind have the tracks frozen for a short while, but when mixing etc. I'll want to unfreeze them again but it just then sounds so off. The only effect is MEqualizer, and switching this on and off doesn't appear to affect the "off" timing. At the moment there is very little else in the track, no synths etc. apart from the drum MIDI which is MTPowerDrumKit 2. Any ideas on where to start looking for a solution?
  7. I have a major and utter booboo, having worked on a project for a couple of hours not realising that I hadn't saved it at all (so no auto-saves I think), and as I went to move a change tempo node, the cakewalk crashed and there is no sign of my project on reopening. Obvious lesson for the future, always save your projects as literally the first thing I do when opening a new project! However, is there anyway I can recover any of the data that I had in the unsaved project? It was a mixture of MIDI and audio recordings. Any hidden "autosave" locations that I'm praying exist? Thank you Edit: Phew!! I found a copy of the "autosave copy of (untitled)" in the "Projects" folder that was only a few minutes older than the crash, everything appears to be fine in it. I think I just panicked when it didn't appear as a recent file upon opening. Lesson definitely learnt, hopefully someone else will learn from my lesson as well. SAVE SAVE AND SAVE AGAIN. AND ONCE MORE FOR LUCK.
  8. Cheers. I do generally have my own templates now (such as one with MT-PowerKit already setup with multiple outputs etc.) so that is probably the easiest way. Don't know why I didn't think of doing that.
  9. Hi everyone. I can adjust the count in time for recording from the metronome settings (in the preferences window), but it seems to only ever be set for the project (and obviously that is because it is in the "Project" part of preferences. Is there a way to set it universally or make it a default value? Cheers.
  10. Solved - it appears to be Synth1 which I installed around 2 weeks ago. I'm sure that actually installed okay at the time, because I remember opening it and having a play, but I had a bunch of presets I put in the same folder, and I think that has broken everything. Deleted that folder and it appears to be back up and running again. The best bit? The sorting of the VSTs etc. seems to have been saved and all is well with the world. This thread had turned into more of a sounding board for my own thought processes and digging, but I'll leave it up in case anyone else has a similar issue and this might resolve it for them.
  11. Some additional information. I found VSTScan.exe in a folder in C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities and double-clicking it didn't seem to do anything. Right-click - run as admin kicked it into life though, and a popup seemed to suggest that it was scrolling through the various VST locations (took a few seconds). It's not taken any where near as long after then (basically flashes up and disappears). Edit: I have the following locations scanning for VSTs (C:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins; C:\program files\common files\vst3; D:\Music Recording\VSTs) because ideally most (if not all of my VSTs) I wanted running from my supermassive HDD D drive and not taking up space on my smaller but faster SSD C drive). Removing the D drive location seemed to make everything work again (101 plugins found, scan log generated etc.) but adding the D drive back in again breaks it. I've removed all of the plugins that I've added within the last month, and it is scanning again, so something is obviously breaking it. I'm going to add them back in, one by one, to see which the offending one is.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to Cakewalk, only using for the past 6 months or so, but up until now, the VST scan function has worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, in the past few days, it appears to have started to hang (and I don't recall installing any new VSTs to cause this). The bluebox in the bottom right now never disappears unless I hit cancel or X (I'm pretty sure that it used to disappear on it's own after a few seconds before, but I can't be certain). This was no biggie, until today when I tried to install a new VST, and it doesn't appear in the list, so I think the scan is stopping. According to this old thread here (which I didn't want to zombie so I created a new one), I should ensure that VSTScan.exe is killed. Unfortunately, I can't see VSTscan anywhere in my task manager. I've also tried to run the scna from the preferences window, with sandbox and scan log enabled, but no change and I can't find the generated log in appdata/roaming/Cakewalk.. either. All a reset seems to have done is to remove all of my VSTs completely (and I have a gut feeling that all my sorting into categories is going to be lost now when they do eventually return). I'm running Cakewalk version 2021.04 (Build 175, 64bit) on Win10 with plenty of resources spare (32GB RAM, i7 processor etc.). There is an "early access" version of 2021.06 #1 that pops up occasionally, which I can try if all else fails, but ideally I'll stay on a stable build for now. Any help anyone can provide will be gratefully received! Thank you
  13. That has worked amazingly, thank you. I did do a quick search of the forum, but only kept getting posts about routing. It didn't seem to work for the first try, but I think maybe the plugin just needed to reload, and it has worked every time I've tried since.
  14. Hi all. Usually, I can easily insert a drum VSTi in Cakewalk and drop MIDI drum loops in, and it all plays fine. However, I've recently discovered that I can download a guitar pro file from my favourite guitar tab site (Songsterr.com), which I can open in Tuxguitar and delete the other tracks, leaving only the drum track. This file plays fine in Windows Media Player, but when I insert it into Cakewalk, it silences my drum kit and I don't know why. To run you through my method, started with an empty Cakewalk project, I click + to add a track, selecting Instrument and adding SI Drums as a split instrument. At this point, clicking on the various drums in the VSTi popup generates sound, and if I drop in a "normal" drum MIDI loop from my media folders, it works perfectly. However, if I drop in the Tuxguitar exported drum track, the VSTi goes silent. I originally thought it might have been a drum map issue or something, but even clicking on the drum icons in the VSTi popup results in no sound and no indication of any sound in the console for any tracks (so it's not just a hearing issue). Adding a second drum kit works fine, until I try and load the songsterr MIDI. Any suggestions on things I can look at to try and fix this? I'm happy to spend time on getting this working, as it will save me a lot of time just loading MIDI drums rather than programming them when I want to create backing tracks etc. Thank you very much
  15. Hi @reginaldStjohn I am relatively new to Cakewalk, so I haven't done a huge amount with it at the moment. I did previously have it set up with my Zoom G1u with ASIO but as I was just working on some "mouse-and-keyboard programmed" backing tracks, I had no interface. so it was set to WASAPI shared (so I could have Chrome/YT etc.). Weirdly, despite opening/closing the project several times yesterday, and working on some other projects with no issues, it persisted but it has gone this morning. The only real different is that the laptop was shutdown overnight (as opposed to just restarting Cakewalk which I had already tried). Maybe that does point towards an internal soundcard error in some way. Looks like it has been resolved for now, but I'll obviously come back if it reoccurs. Thank you
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