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  1. dolt009

    Recording Error

    That's the curious part because it doesn't do this everytime. One session we captured the error was on ever other recording. Thanks for the tips.
  2. dolt009

    Recording Error

    Could the captured audio with that warble be salvaged?
  3. dolt009

    Recording Error

    I'm using a Mackie DL16S and I'm new to cakewalk. I stopped the recording for a break, saved the project and then began a new recording in the same project. I had 11 tracks armed. The first time every other recording had a hard to describe "garbling" distortion. It is not clipping distortion and it is an intermittent problem. I would any thoughts the forum has. Update. I've added a one minute selected export to demonstrate. As you'll hear all was recording great. We stopped for a break. I saved. When we came back to it a few minutes later all settings were unchanged and yet this error is capture on all tracks. Please help me identify this error. Thank you Error Example at 34 seconds.mp3
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