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  1. No gigs here except at church. It's hard to find an audience for the kinds of music I tend to create. As for the guitar, it's my new Epiphone SG Modern, playing through Overloud TH-U's "Tango Lead" patch.
  2. liked this one a lot, thanks for sharing!
  3. The speeding up actually triggers my inner alarm bells about staying ON TEMPO. I keep saying to myself "get back in the pocket!" Well done in any case. I love those fat tones and your creative playing. Glad you're still producing.
  4. that was a fun listen, thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks much guys. Glad you enjoyed.
  6. Hey John! I always love your use of the arturia vintage synths. I'm wondering why you used the jup v3 and v4 though? Was there a particular patch in the v3 that you couldn't replace?
  7. Here's one that Tom helped me out in earlier this year. At this point I think this production is in the books, but I'm always interested in comments and appreciate the listens! Two overlapping drumkits in different time signatures, with a thick bass line, blues guitar, schmaltzy piano (thanks Tom!), spacy synths, and a few vintage movie voice clips for interest.
  8. Thanks for the collab opportunity Tom. Looking forward to the next one.
  9. Thanks for the detail @slartabartfast. Are there services that offer longer licenses? 1 year seems like an annoyance. I'd love a set-and-forget type of license if possible.
  10. I still find myself inspired when I go back and listen to Dark Side, Animals, Wish You Were Here, Meddle, Atom Heart, Momentary Lapse. I'm not particularly inspired by The Wall though. Same with Final Cut. Too Waters-y, whiney. And some others are just curiosities to me, like the Barrett stuff and really early Gilmour. Ummagumma, Relics, More, Piper, Obscured. Some moments of intensity, but often just... weird. I don't listen to them much any more, but when I do I love them.
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