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  1. Absolutely fabulous! Can't really hear anything wrong with this. I would have never noticed a (very) slight de-essing problem, it's only because you mentioned it I looked out for it! Reminds me a bit of Poco (what a great band), although I can't think of a song that's close, only this one - just a little bit, because of the feel of the song!
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions @PhonoBrainer @Bajan Blue @mark skinner @freddy j @DeeringAmps and others! It has been very helpful. I have re-mixed the track - now V2 (edited the first post). See what you think.
  3. Hi @PhonoBrainer For final mixing I use PreSonus Eris E5 monitors. Eq is mostly done using blindfold EQ and Soundspot Paradox. By no means top stuff, but suits my needs at the moment. I am knocking on a bit 🙂 so my HF hearing is probably limited! Might explain my "toppy" guitar solo @DeeringAmps
  4. Thank you for all the comments guys, much appreciated! It's always good to get other thoughts - after a while listening to a song over and over makes you miss things. So, I'd like your comments on the following. @PhonoBrainer @Bajan Blue The drums - I'm using AD2 drums, all one track, and common effects. Are we saying it might be better to separate the bass drum and snare and process them individually? The bass - it follows the guitar riff and so merges with it. When I was listening, I did think where is the bass? So I muted the bass and played the track, and found it did add quite a bit to the overall sound. However, looks like I might need to eq the bass more, maybe add some distortion to make it stand out a bit more? Alternatively, re- do the bass line so it doesn't follow the guitar riff - would that be better? @freddy j mentions a bit more "edge" - how would you do that? @DeeringAmps Guitar solo - I used my trusty Behringer Vamp3 for it, cheap but I really do like it. Ill try to add some additional eq or even cab sim. I'm on hols at moment, but will have another go when I return. Look forward to your further insights and infinite wisdom! Thank you!
  5. Hello Cakewalk people New song. Few little issues with it I think, but I spent enough time on it now! Not many people you can trust in this world! EDIT 30/1/23 Ok, after your very enlightening comments, I've remixed the track. Hopefully this one will address the points everyone has mentioned. Let me know if this improves things. Thanks all!
  6. That's some nice, chilled out, bluesy playing. Is that a japanese strat - heel truss adjustment?
  7. Woah! Sounds so good! Amazing musicians. Would not be out of place on a quality album.
  8. Nice. Great sounds and excellent, tight guitar playing. And your tele looks very nice! Don't see many with P90's.
  9. Thanks guys! 😀 I was listening to Wind and Wuthering just last week and I never thought about the similarity of the cover shot - but it's pretty obvious now it's been mentioned. The artists you've mentioned are probably my favourites - early Genesis and Yes (along with Floyd and Zeppelin), and also Anthony Phillips (he did some excellent albums), so that means a great deal to me. Not fully sure about the Genesis link (just maybe the acoustic guitars), but when I was writing this I thought "How would Jon Anderson write these words?" And I thought the bassline was a little bit on the Chris Squire side - he was a brilliant bass player! Cheers! 🍺
  10. That is some cool guitar playing! Great song with whiffs of ZZTop and even a bit of Mr Gilmour in the middle section. Nice 🙂
  11. New song I've just finished. My main Studio Projects B1 mic went noisy after a few takes, so nearly all vocal and guitars were recorded with a cheapy T Bone MB85 beta mic from Thomann (£35). I think it a very decent mic for the price!
  12. Fantastic voice Rex. Do you play the lap steel and fiddle as well as the guitar? Very talented if you do!
  13. Brilliant! Top quality song and sound.
  14. Lovely! Some nice guitar work there. Rex should be a star! Only one thing - I'm probably being picky - some of the harmonies sounded a tad loud in comparison with the main vocal at times. Might just be my old ears! 🙂
  15. Hi guys. I've tried an update taking in to account Wookiee's comments. I'd really like to know your thoughts, I'm just not sure. Ta!
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