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  1. How interesting that some earliler comments in this tread about the Staff View were immediately deleted under the "moved under Feature Requests" and yet many other posts (including the above [nothing against the post writers]) have remained in the tread. It is like "Staff View" has become "the one that shall not be named" or else.... Very unfortunate as SV lags sooooo far behind other DAWs........ Maybe my account will be banned for bringing this up 😉
  2. Hi, Working on a project in which the EQ in the ProChannel of the Master Out stays greyed out/disabled no matter what buttons I push. Works fine everywhere else. What am I missing? Thanks, Michael
  3. Big Thanks for such a prompt reply! Much appreciated......
  4. Hi, I created a comprehensive template (about 25 tracks with multiple settings) so I could get going quickly on my new projects. But I am having a strange issue with the said template. When I have different materials recorded in different tracks and I tried to delete a few bars of only one track using the Track View, the same number of bars get also deleted in ALL the other tracks recorded in the project. I did check and only the intended Track is selected when applying the deletion. Then I tried to replicate the above 'error' but this time starting with a plain/empty template in CbB but everything worked as expected. So obviously there is a problem with my template but I don't know what it is. Any pointers will be appreciated. Michael
  5. Hi, The way my rig is, I often turnoff my audio interface yet still keep CbB open. Two things happen every time: get the green toast at the bottom of the screen (Audio Engine Dropout. A dropout has stopped the audio engine.) and get a text message in CbB: " The above Audio/Midi device was disconnected from your system........" and then I have to click Yes or No. Is there a setting in CbB or in Windows Registry that would allow to stop to above two from happening. Thanks
  6. Hi msmcleod, BIG thanks for a super detailed answer!!! Much appreciated... Cheers!
  7. Hi, My new digital mixer doesn't offer direct DAW Control for CbB but it has both HUI and MCU mapping. Which one is best (and why) for CbB? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have done that. It's not very helpful as far as I can understand. It only mentions that it's mapping focus is on Pro Tools (HUI) and Logic (MCU). I don't understand how this applies to CbB
  9. Hi, Just got a Studiolive Series III SL16 and don't know much about it yet. I am using the latest CbB version. Would really appreciate any hints, links or help so that the SL16 can control CbB. Also wondering if CbB can control the SL16 Thanks in advance
  10. Hi James, Thanks for your quick replies! RE: 1) that's what I thought but when I collapse the Multi Dock (D) a couple of "views" stay tabbed but other "views" just vanished. Any tips/ideas? 2) Great! that did the trick! 3) that's what I thought as well but it is not happening. Any tips/ideas?
  11. Newish CbB user after having more past experience with SPLAT... Are these bugs or am I missing something in CbB? 1) when I open several views in the Multidock, a few stay in there when I collapse the dock and many others disappear and I have to recall them from the menus/shortcuts. 2) I can only have one VST/VSTi window open at a time. For example, the VX-64 window is open and if I open my Rapture window, the VX-64 window disappears. In SPLAT, I used to be able to open many VST/VSTi windows side by side. 3) Fullscreen/F11 is not persistent between projects or on CbB relaunch. I thought this was supposed to remember the F11 status. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Scook, Big thanks for your reply! That did the trick and saved everything as expected. Only thing that doesn't, for some reason is Fullscreen. But it's no big deal to hit F11 Thanks again!!
  13. Hi, Newish CbB user after having more experience with SPLAT... I am having an issue where control bar and windows placement/preferences do not stick when I reopen a project in CbB. It used to be that placement of the control bar (including which modules I selected and their placement within the bar) would be remembered either when starting a new project and re-opening a project. Same with the different windows of a project (eg. console, staff views, etc...). Is there a new option/setting in CbB that I am missing or is there an issue with my installation? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, Trying to install CbB (after reinstalling my copy of SPLAT). Getting error message: MoveFile failed: code 183 When I clicked on the "Ignore" option, the same error message happens again for several other .exe files Any tips would be really appreciated. Thanks SOLVED: problem was caused by Malwarebyte. Uninstalled it. Ran CbB again and it worked.
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