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  1. Big thanks Larry!
  2. Abheeru Ricard

    SPLAT location

    Hi, Reformatted my OS drive and now want to resinstall SPLAT (which I owned) before CbB. Wondering if the latest SPLAT install files are still available online and if so where are they located? Thanks in advance!
  3. Abheeru Ricard

    Old vs New

    Great! BIG thanks Scook...
  4. Abheeru Ricard

    Old vs New

    Thanks... Both links above are the same. Is that a mistake?
  5. Abheeru Ricard

    Old vs New

    Thanks Scook. Since I never used all the plugings in SPLAT, I wondering if there a list somewhere of the plugins that SPLAT would install that are not in CbB?
  6. Abheeru Ricard

    Old vs New

    I remember reading in the early days of CbB that having SPLAT installed would keep certain features/plugins working that were not yet on CbB. I just reformatted my OS drive. As I am in the process of re-installing software, I would like to keep things lean, clean and efficient. Has CbB "caught up" with SPLAT or if not, which features/plugins are not yet on CbB? Thanks!
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