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  1. The latest version (and perhaps the one before) are not stable for me. After the program launches, it never finishes initializing properly - the wait cursor keeps spinning off and on forever, "(not responding)" appears sporadically in the title bar. When closing it (which was difficult), I would sometimes get a BSOD stating that the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT I decided to to wipe my disk, reinstall W10 Pro, ASIO, my firewire interface and Cakewalk only, i.e. bare bones on an i7 32GB machine with a relatively new Samsung SSD. I still get the same result. Most distressing. Is it possible to download an earlier version?? UPDATE I just launched Cakewalk for the first time this morning. It worked perfectly. I manage a desktop support team and have 40 year of IT consulting experience. I hate it when this kind of thing happens. I installed two new DAW trial versions this morning - that was the only change to my environment (no new Windows or Cakewalk updates). I unintalled the new DAWS and rebooted. Cakewalk still works fine. I uninstalled/reinstalled the whole CW suite. Still works fine. I have no satisfying explanation for the change in behavior. Am debating if I am going to wipe the drive and start from scratch again. I just might...this is really bugging me. LATEST UPDATE I started from scratch again to see what would happen (I had to know). After reinstalling Windows, Windows updates, Dell drivers, ASIO, firewire interface, and Cakewalk. I fired update Cakewalk and.....it was broken again and back to its erratic unstable behavior. The laws of physics were working. I then reinstalled the additional DAW software I had added after my first reinstall, checking after each step to see what made Cakewalk work again. After my machine environment was back to the way it was a little earlier: Cakewalk is still not working. I don't know what to say at this point. Were the Keebler Elves too busy to make another house call again so soon? Does the Cake need to sit in the oven overnight like it did last night for the magic to work? All my other apps are working fine. There seems to be some fried binary somewhere. I hope the Bandlab team can get to the bottom of it.
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