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  1. musekamp

    Winter Sketch

    Thanks for the suggestion, Tom. When I first put the sleigh bells on, I had them playing sixteenths but I thought it sounded a bit hectic for the rest of the music so I switched them to eighths. I'll have to re-visit this. Thanks for listening and commenting!
  2. musekamp

    Winter Sketch

    Thanks for listening and commenting, folks. I appreciate it. @garybrun Yes! I agree Orchestral Recipes is a great resource. I've also been working my way through it.
  3. Nice groove and smooth feel. The vibes in the outro sound very relaxed and suit the piece. I understand what the other posts are saying about the piano. But it's quite a good tune. I wouldn't mind hearing it re-worked on maybe a flute and/or rhodes-type of piano sound.
  4. Wonderful vocal recording, and a great nostalgic vibe!
  5. Cool track, made of think of Jean-Michel Jarre. I'd say it's definitely worth another round of exploration!
  6. musekamp


    Very cool! I really like the contrast between the guitar figures and strings in the B sections.
  7. musekamp

    Winter Sketch

    Although I've been a guitar player for most of my life, I've started down the road of learning about arranging for orchestral instruments this year. As I was working on this sketch in A-flat (a very unfamiliar key to me!) it started to become more and more seasonal-sounding ... So happy holidays to one and all! Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated. https://youtu.be/zNF8l75qOTw Walt
  8. I was just about to start a new topic for something like this, but I see the idea has already come up! I would find something like this very useful, for similar reasons. While I understand the limitations, I kind of like the idea of having it on the Start Screen. Sort of an "audio thumbnail" you can check out without actually opening a project.
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