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  1. thanks that is great info! I will definitely try the beta version. so there is one general question here for me..., it seems that the idea is to find a "sweet spot" between latency and pops/clicks. the issue i have here is, this is subjective. some people can hear the latency better than others and some can hear the pops/clicks better than others. I guess there isn't an objective tool that can take care of this? I'm also just a little surprised that with the speed of computers today that we are facing a choice between the two, or even that we are on the edge of it being tolerable. aren't todays computers fast enough to make multi track audio recordings without signifcant latency and zero pops/clicks? I just worry sometimes if there is a pop or a click, what is that exactly? Is it in the recording? or is it in the playback? will it be in the exported wav file? and during that milliseconds of a pop/click, what is happening to the recording? is it on top of the recording or is it actually pushing the recording back in time for a few milliseconds every time ?
  2. I thought before I begin with Cakewalk I would read up on how to improve latency. So i read the online documentation which simply says: "If you are using ASIO drivers, click on the ASIO Panel button. This will launch your audio interface’s proprietary control panel. Adjust the buffer settings accordingly." Uhhhh. what does "accordingly" mean?? so much for helpful instruction manuals?! I'm using the most popular audio interface the Focusrite 2i2. when i get to the control panel, I have choices for sample rate and buffer size. But I don't know how to adjust them "accordingly." I have a brand new computer, and I got a really good processor and extra memory, just so I would be able to record music without pops and clicks and latency. I don't know if my settings are good or bad but I did notice some pops and clicks when started my first recording. I was hoping that I would be able to go into the documentation and it would clearly tell me how to improve this... but alas it just tells me "accordingly" which I guess it means to move the slider to the "safer" side but at what point is it too far? the latency increases as I move it over there. any advice is appreciated. thanks! gary in vermont
  3. where is that tutorial sub forum? i see one for Q and A but not a tutorial
  4. thanks, that must be what I'm doing, but I don't know where the tutorials are. can you send me a link? I have been reading the documentation and I find it not to be very helpful. there is just text, no screenshots or videos. i just want to put some basic VST instruments into my project ....
  5. thanks. i am finding the documentation to be rather difficult. it is all text, not screenshots or videos... anyway on that link, the very first thing it says is that you need to download more instruments from Bandlab Assistant.... with no instructions for doing so. I went to the bandlab assistant, and there are no instruments I can see. I see packs, loops, and one-shots. where do I get a basic drum kit so I can make my own loops?
  6. Hello I've been using Sony Acid and decided to try Cakewalk. I'm having trouble finding where I change the midi instrument. I found the piano roll, and it plays piano just fine. I'm looking for the place I can change it to a drum kit so I can create a drum loop. any help is appreciated. thanks gary in vermont
  7. Hello, I am new here... I just recently started using Bandlab (the online cloud-based version) for my band and friends to collaborate making music. I have been searching for a user forum Bandlab and I can only find user forums for Cakewalk (like this one). Can someone point me to a user forum like this, but it's for the online cloud-based version of Bandlab? Thanks! Gary in Vermont
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