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  1. Yup. They are presets. I veered of topic.
  2. Ok, thank you. I got to mess around on it, the other day. Just opened one track so to not get brain confounded, and it's working. And really, there's alot of manual editing like you said. Lots and lots of notes !
  3. Will try again. I had a sample that I wanted to extract the beat from. Stay with the TS1 for the percs ?
  4. I did go and listen today on the site, and the uberschlls are maybe worth the trouble. There is the uHe Zebra which is packed so full of samples, that it's incredibly difficult to browse. I like doing the sound design , but get lost in the process. It's a weird place to go. Wish I could get that concentration on the guitar. Sometimes I can feel that zone, but it's fleeting. Then back to hacking and heartbreak. I have the demo Zebra. The Zebralette, is free, with less presets. I really love their plugins. Wish I could justify a purchase, but with the Corona thing, I'm in a hunker down mode, for the time being. I'm helping another friend learn some mixing,which is how I ended up getting into mixing/composing to begin with. Was getting to some nice mixes with the Ableton, and one day just realized I was going nowhere. I really didn't want to get back to it, either, but owe my friend as much help as I can manage. I actually like the Cakewalk better than Ableton. Dl'd a mastering template and whoever made it, is some kind of whiz. I'm trying to deconsruct it and figure out how to use the parts I need. Pretty tough. Alot of the plugins are missing, and it might have been made with Sonar, and diffrent plugins. One thing I can't seem to find on the present Cakewalk is a limiter, so I guess I'll be back on KVR looking for a compatible free limiter. Another pretty cool Synth I should recommend is Vital. Again, I'm on the free one. No manual so it's kind of challenging. The sample mangler is pretty cool. Has a text to voice or load sample to the little window, and it's another space type eerie mangler. I like it. Could never get Serum figured, just too many things going on. Lost the original thread topic, sorry. The uHe's have some instuments. Might take a bit more trouble to tweak, but they do have incredible sound , at least to me.
  5. The Vital Synth from Matt Tytel is repeatedly going into a white screen. That is the Synth when it is pulled up to adjust. Synth sound isn't crashed, but the interface. So it isn't a crash exactly. Have to save the project, then close it. Upon reopening Cakewalk, the synth is ok for awhile. Have dl'd the microsoft procdmp tool so will attempt to extract a dmp if there is one.
  6. Speaking of Obscene learning curves. Massive. Unreal audio quality. But to get to THAT sound , your hearing will never be the same :).
  7. Actually i've heard some clips on recent rap tracks, and they have been used before. You're point is valid and the general population wouldn't notice them, unless you hacked something like the Stairway to Heaven, which actually was hacked from another band. But, the original band that made the riff, didn't have as much money to have lawyers fight for it, like Led Zeppelin had. So they lost the infringement suit.
  8. Ok. So the Melodyne can still do the extraction form melody to midi. I gott stuck trying to get the melody extraction to a track with the notes on the clip. Ableton it's so easy. You import the audio, then click on convert, and it makes the new midi note track, pretty seamlessly. Still needs manual editing of nothes. I had the Melodyne on the Cakewalk, did the extraction then got terribly lost, with the melodyne notes on it. Couldn't get thos dragged to a new track. Will have to go back and figure it, because i got so frustrated just shut it down :(.
  9. It's dropping out on my i3 laptop. Have 8gb of ram , and I can do a few tracks , maybe. Can't upgrade for now. If i was making big mony with a rap star, then they could upgrade me. Now, that's not the case. I've spent a couple of weeks on the Cakewalk, and now I'm finding it easier. I'm working on learning some hip hop and rap techniques which is taxing my brain. Also found a neat site that has remix contests with some great mixing prizes and even cash. Having issue staying motivated last week or so., which hasn't been so funny.
  10. Sorry for late reply. I thought i ordered bigger strings for my G&L ASAT Classic. I got Slinky 9's. Been lax on practicing. This damn Cakewalk is so much more complicated in workflow than the Ableton. I found a mastering template, that sounds so unbelievably good, that I can't believe it. It's an old one, and I would bet that the instuments were recorded professionally. Tried to take what I had put together for a Skio remix contest and didn't sound so hot. Sounded good on the daw, but when I uploaded to Skio, the track is just lifeless. Sigh... Got back to doing the daw for a friend, that can do some half decent rap. Anyway,drifting off topic.
  11. Thank you so much for the help. The guitar is kicking my butt lately. Very challenging for me. I really do better mixing, than playing. But, even my mixing has taken a hit. I have post Corona issues. Focus , concentration taken a hit. Hoping doing some music can help.
  12. I was hoping that it was a stripped version included. I tried the Cakewalk melodyne for audio to midi conversion, which took a whole lot of time for me to figure. Ableton's works a bit better. I don't have a midi pad or keyboard, so it's do a conversion or enter notes by hand. Kinda of broke right now, and other pressing expenses plus usual family crisis, so buying anything is temporarily suspended. Would like to find a decent mastering template. Had a really great one on Ableton, that took a long bit of studying and watching tutorials to put together. Thank you for posting the walk thru, I had it in there when I did the Bandlab registration.
  13. Went thru the Bandlab assistant or tried to. The website says go to the assistant and there is a way to get the activation code for the melodyne. I was able to finish one sily remix for a contest. Probably a waste of time, but helps to figure out how to use the program.
  14. Wow the 8dio one looks neat. I've done lots on Aleton, so the main thing I'm wading thru is figuring the Cakewalk details. It's a pisser. And have weak laptop, so it is crashing plenty.
  15. I'm not sure of the sound even listening to records. There's some reverb in there, so easy to find even free plugin that does reverb well.I have a Blackstar Beam amp. Even going thru the community patches, have not found the surf guitar sound. Tried a tele and my Epi Les Paul. Then also there's the tremelo bar the surf guitar has. I guess you could mess with a delay in Cakewalk. I've just gotten into cakewalk , and still figuring it out. May be some plugins floating around in the Bandlab, when you explore the online daw. IDK.
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