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  1. Thanks I'll update again. I thought since I had recently updated that I was all set, it seemed odd having two updates so close together. Appreciate the help!
  2. I just updated to 2023.09 two days ago. I opened CWbB today, and it's prompting me to update to 2023.09... again?? It's the usual prompt bottom right, blue box, Cakewalk just got better, etc.... Just now noticed two additional prompts, one is to Update Local Help, and the other is for Demo Projects available to download. When I check the version I now have, it is 2023.09 (Build 062, 64 bit). And I did re-activate two days ago after updating.
  3. Thanks David, appreciate the explanation. I just now read it, so I'm still going to need to sink my brain into it a bit more before I grasp the process. 🤔Not ready for reverse just yet Glenn, but good to know, thanks!
  4. Thanks David, that worked perfectly! I'm trying to make sense of the math of it though, I'd like to know how you knew where to set the Now time and what numbers to enter in the Set Measure boxes. I'm curious on how those numbers interact to have the tempo arrive exactly at 100.75 , if you care to expand I'd appreciate it. 👌
  5. Yeah it's a weird one for sure. After I posted this thread, I went back and bounced the midi synth track to an audio track, then exported that audio to a wav file. That does work when I import that wav file into the 100bpm project. Only thing is, if I want to edit the midi, I'll have to do that in the other 75bpm project, then repeat what I did again (bounce to audio again and export to wav again). No problem, I don't mind doing that if need be. To answer your question : I soloed the synth midi track, selected that track, then used the File/Export/Standard midi file command (which was the only command I could find for exporting midi). So I guess even though I soloed that track, I actually saved the entire 75bpm project as a standard midi file and then imported that into the 100bpm project. I could not find a command for exporting only that one midi track. 🤔 I haven't yet tried dragging and dropping with both projects open.
  6. I dug up an old audio track and imported it into CW. The project tempo I imported to was set at 75bpm. The audio track didn't match the project tempo, so the beats didn't align with the tempo ruler, but I was not concerned at that point because I just wanted to quickly try recording a vst synth part to see what it would sound like along with the audio track. After recording the synth, I saved the project at that 75bpm tempo, which included the new midi synth track I recorded. Later on I exported the audio track to a wav file at the 75bpm tempo. I opened a brand new project, imported the wav file, and with a little trial and error, I figured out that the audio track fit the time ruler perfectly if I set the new project tempo at 100.75 bpm. I then went back to the other project and exported the vst synth midi (at 75bpm) to a midi file. I then went back to the new project and opened the same vst synth I had used to originally record the midi track, and I imported that midi file and placed it in the vst synth track in the new project with the tempo at 100.75. I thought the midi file would automatically adjust from 75bpm to the new tempo of 100.75bpm, but it is still seeming to play at the 75bpm tempo it was originally recorded at. If I can't get this midi to line up properly, I suppose I could re-record the vst synth track again, but I like the way it came out the first time. Any suggestions? I've never needed to do this before, so I have a feeling I may be missing a step here..... thank you.
  7. If you just upgraded your comp and kept the same hard drive with all your data on it, then maybe just try having Cakewalk re-scan all your VSTs. This can be located in the Utilities menu/Plugin Mgr. If you have a new comp (including a new hard drive) then you'll likely have to go to Waves and download and install all your Waves plugins over again. Waves has a plugin manager tool that simplifies the process. I think it's called Waves Central. You can find it on their website.
  8. For some reason I didn't find that thread in my search. Thanks once again scook, you are appreciated! 👍
  9. I just picked up the Waves Harmony plug-in. CWbB Plugin Mgr seems to automatically categorize this as an "audio FX" plug, which it is. However, this one can also be used with a midi controller to generate harmonies, and I'm not sure how to set it up to do that in CWbB. The following video tutorial illustrates how, but they are using Logic, not CWbB. There seem to be options in Logic that I could not find in CWbB. The options I'm referring to in the video in Logic are when he adds a "new software instrument track, then he selects "MIDI controlled FX", which I could not find in CWbB. Typically, when I want to add a VST instrument in CWbB, I usually just go to the "insert" menu and select "soft synth", then which instrument I want, CW then adds a track with that instrument, but there are currently no Waves plug-ins on that soft synth instrument list. So I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to have CW recognize Waves Harmony as both an audio plug and a MIDI controlled FX, as seen in this video. There are also a few other Waves plugs that can function both ways, like OVox. I assume that the setup in the video may be possible somehow by using CW Plugin Mgr? *The section of the video I'm referring to starts at around the 9:00 min mark...
  10. It was a long day yesterday, I must have been running on low brain power when I updated those plugs last night lol. This morning I woke up and realized that a few months ago I had changed the auto VST startup scan in CWbB, and I had set it to manual scan instead. I haven't needed to update any of my plugs since then and so I had forgotten about changing that setting. I ran the VST scan manually, and it picked up the updated plugs. All set now, thank you for the reply Max! Waves creates a separate folder for each version of their plugins, so the version 14 plugins folder was new and just needed to be scanned in.
  11. Hi, I just updated a few of my Waves Plugins to Version 14, and they won't open in CWbBL. All my earlier version plugins still seem to work fine. If I try to open a project that was using an earlier version of the plugin, I get a "Missing Plug-Ins" message from CW. ie...("The following plug-ins are referred to by this project, but could not be found") If I try to load a version 14 plug-in to a new project, I get the "The following VST plug-in failed to load" message. Is this a CWbB problem, or should I be calling Waves Support?
  12. I think my M-Audio MK361C was first made in the early 2000's or even late 90s. Thanks for all the great advice guys, and for the video, it was very informative. I never thought of recording the key strike with a mic, very clever! I've been re-thinking my strategy slightly. I may try to get a semi-weighted controller that has 76 (hard to find) or 88 keys, instead of using my Triton. Main reason being the Triton, like all the rest of my keyboards, has 61 keys. I'd like to have the capability of a full sized keyboard for piano playing, 61 will do for now, but full size would be better. Semi-weighted also gives me the option to use it for synth playing as well. I don't need full weighted keys if the semi-weighted board is decent. I've been looking at the Novation Launchkey 88. It seems to have pretty decent user reviews, and it's only 18 lbs, and not bulky in weight or size like a digital piano. Price isn't going to break the bank at $359.00 either. Problem is trying to get my hands on one to demo before making a decision to purchase. Most music stores carry the 61 and 49 key controllers. Everything else is buy online only, so it's order, try it out, then either keep it or go through the inconvenience of shipping it back to the online vendor. Anyone have one of these, or have ever tried one out? I could use the feedback. Specs can be found here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LaunchK3-88--novation-launchkey-88-mk3-88-key-keyboard-controller
  13. I hear ya John, I was also looking at that Roland A-88 because I saw them using it on the Spectrasonics Keyscape demo video. But I was also turned away by the steep price. I wasn't even aware that the older boards have more latency. I have experienced some of that, but I thought it was more to do with my CW settings than the board, because it seems to only happen when I have a lot of VSTi synths loaded in a project. Strange though because I have a fairly new and pretty fast PC. Drivers have always been a thorn in my side for some reason. M-Audio drivers have always been sketchy. My M-Audio MK361C dinosaur has been notorious for driver installation issues. I usually have my PC tech take care of it for me, otherwise I'll just get frustrated. A few yrs ago they stopped supporting that board and the last driver available was for Windows 7, which luckily worked (eventually) for Win10. I have a little MidiPlus AKM320 that I use with my laptop just to audition sounds and some basic stuff, and the first time I plugged it in, Windows immediately recognized it as plug n' play, no pain in the ***** driver installation necessary. I often wonder why all the MIDI controller manufacturers can't make theirs that easy too.
  14. I've always used my M-Audio keyboard. In fact, it's a dinosaur, it's an MK361C, barely got the drivers to work on Windows10, but it works. I use just a USB cable from that directly to a USB input on my PC. The other keyboard is also a dino, it's a Korg Triton Studio. No USB option, so I would have to use a standard MIDI cable from the Triton to my little Audiobox, then a standard USB cable from there to my PC. I haven't tried hooking that up yet, but that's the plan for now, unless I buy a new MIDI controller in the near future. ...also, I assume that CW will recognize the Audiobox immediately once I connect it?...hopefully no snags there...we'll see. I would likely never be needing to play both at once, but duly noted, thank you. I'm just going to want to turn off the Local control on the Triton because I'll just be needing to use it to trigger whatever VSTi I have loaded in CW. In addition, I won't need most of the other MIDI info sent, like program change, etc.... just want it to play the VSTi synth. I'll want the pitch bend and Mod wheel to operate, but other than that not much else. I am shopping around for a not-too-expensive MIDI controller keyboard. I wish I could get a 73 or 76 key, but there are not many choices out there. Most are 61 key. The thing is, I'll need something semi-weighted, that way it will have somewhat of a piano feel when I need it, but will not be sluggish when I need to play organ or synth sounds. M-Audio has one for about $199.00, but I'd like to demo it first if I can find one at the local music store....and it's only 61 keys, so there's that.
  15. Hi Right now I have a dedicated MAudio MIDI keyboard that I use for most things, but I would also like to use one (or more) of my other keyboards as a MIDi controller as well, mainly because of the touch of the other keyboard being more suitable to whatever VSTi instrument sound I'm using at the time. (ie...for example....my semi-weighted keyboard is more comfortable for playing grand piano sounds than my MIDI controller keyboard) Can CWbBL support having 2 MIDI keyboard controllers operating at the same time? I'd like to always have them both connected, active, and ready to use in the DAW so I can move to either one as needed, without re-configuring setup or restarting CW each time I want to switch from one to the other. Can CW even support having two keyboard controllers on the list simultaneously, or is only one allowed at a time? I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to this in my forum searches, nor have I found any info on how to set this up. Any help appreciated, thanks!
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