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  1. Ok, good to hear I'm not the only one ! I haven't yet gotten to the point of using the commit command. đŸ¤”Interesting that it plays fine after permanently altering the project, I'll have to give that a try. I wonder if they plan to address and fix that in the next version
  2. I've been experimenting with the Arranger track feature. I'm still a noob with this feature, but so far I've noticed when I've arranged my song in the order I'd like to hear it, during the playback, the audio has a hesitation or skip at the point when it changes to the next section, (especially if the sections are not in the original order of the song). The song plays fine with Arranger if all the sections are played in the original order I recorded them in. When I begin re-arranging the order is when I get the skip. I even get a skip when using Arranger if for example I want to play two repetitions of the same chorus section. To further test this, I looped that same chorus section just using the regular Loop tool and it loops fine with no skip. When two of that same chorus is butted together in Arranger, it skips from one to the next. All the tracks in this particular project are audio, and I know that audio is likely not going to be as accurate as midi would when using Arranger, but shouldn't it operate with at least the same accuracy as the regular loop tool?
  3. Michael, I did try it with a stand alone B3 organ and didn't work. However, my PC tech just fixed it, all set now! He did what you said about uninstalling the driver then re-installing it, but he did fix a couple of other things before doing that. It seems I'm all set now. It was just strange that CW would notice when I turned off the keyboard, and when I turned it back on it asked if I want to add it, but it never showed up in the active midi device list in CW. Thanks guys for hanging with me on this and for all the help, much appreciated!
  4. Also, I read an old thread posted by Scook directing to another forum that was regarding multiple instances in Device Mgr, which I had. You can see a few grayed out listed along with the solid colored one. I did delete those last night to try to see if that would work, but so far no luck. Here's the thread.... https://www.harmonycentral.com/articles/modules-and-midi/solving-the-windows-midi-port-problem-r309/ It also mentions windows only allowing 10 entries. This is way above my pc knowledge, so I only deleted the duplicates for my keyboard that were grayed out and left the one solid color entry. I'm not sure what all the others are, possibly equip that my pc tech had connected when he did the upgrade, so with not being able to distinguish what the others are until I can speak to him, I just left them alone, which makes more than 10 entries. Still doesn't explain why CW doesn't list it.....also I have a stand alone B3 organ that is also no longer recognizing the keyboard, so it appears it's not just CW.
  5. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. The very strange thing about this, is that Windows has it listed in Device Mgr as working properly. To top it off, today while Cakewalk was open, I shut the power switch to the keyboard and Cakewalk threw a message up that the device has been disconnected and do I want CW to reroute, I chose No. Then when I turned the power back on, Cakewalk asked me if I wanted to Add the device, so I hit the Yes button to add it, but as you can see in the 3rd image, its still not showing up in Preferences/MIDI/Devices. I also tried closing CW after than and re-opening, but didn't work. Same result
  6. It was plugged in and turned on when I powered up just now, but I'll give a reboot with it connected to see if that will work, thanks! Ok, nope, that didn't work. I have a call in to my pc tech, he should be able to figure it out. This midi keyboard is very old, plus it is M-Audio, and typically their drivers can be a pain. I like the feel of this keyboard, which is the ONLY reason I keep using it, but I think it's time to retire it and get something else, once I have the funds to get a new one. This should be a simple issue to fix.
  7. Yes that's what I thought too, it is listed in device mgr in windows, but when I open CW it's not showing as a midi device option. One thing I thought of is I have yet to authorize my new windows since the pc upgrade, I have to get the new reg code from my tech, maybe that's what's causing the issue. Maybe after that it will work, I'll give it a try, then if not I'll try re-installing the driver, could be corrupted driver.
  8. Hi, well I just got my upgraded PC back and in the process of checking everything and getting set up again. I have an annoying problem in that Cakewalk is not seeing my midi controller keyboard. I checked in Windows Device Mgr and it is showing up there and showing that it is working properly, but CW still doesn't see it. It just is not listed in CW Preferences/MIDI/Devices. The only difference I can think of is when I upgraded my PC, I now have all 3.0 and 3.1 USB ports, I no longer have any 2.0 USB ports, however, all the 3.0 and 3.1s are backwards compatible, and the ports must be ok because Windows is recognizing it, but CW is not. I've gone through a few old threads here, but nothing seems to be helping. It is an old M-Audio MK-361C, but it had always worked fine before I upgraded my PC. I suck at driver installation, but I did try anyway to uninstall the driver and re-install, but when I went to uninstall I got a message that I would need to close the USB MIDI Series Audio Device Mgr before I can uninstall it. Not sure what that is, so I just canceled the uninstall. Is there something I can do other than uninstalling and re-installing the driver?
  9. Ah, ok, I thought it might be more expensive. I must have been looking at something different altogether. Thanks, but I'm not going to be able to afford the $400.00 at this point in time, but will keep it on the back burner. I may however look into the elements version.
  10. Mark, could you please post a link to the Wavelab software you are referring to? I'd appreciate it, thanks! The one that came up in my Google search runs a little over $100, is that the same one you have? Greenlight, thanks for the link to the free burner software, much appreciated!
  11. I hear what you're saying, and it does make sense. I don't see the point in CW leaving the burner there, unless they're going to bump it up to acceptable level of features. Especially given the fact that I was able to go online and download a burner software for free and install it in less than a minute. I think it's a nice option to have built into CW, for convenience mostly. They will probably toss it soon enough.
  12. It's a round flat disc with a hole in the middle, kinda like a doughnut, you can burn songs onto it. Look in your history books son, you'll see it there. It was around before people began using the internet to steal copyrighted music. The good ol' days. If CW feels like CDs are a thing of the past, then they should just eliminate that extra baggage from CW altogether, if they think it's still relevant, then I'm just suggesting they should at least bring the features up to date so that it's functional for those who still want to use it, instead of leaving it hanging there as a stripped down version of a burner.
  13. To the powers that be: While my PC is out for upgrade I'm using my old laptop, which has a current version of CWbB installed. I wanted to burn a quick CD for a friend with just two songs on it. Both song files are wav files, and have song titles. For lack of any CD burning software on my laptop I decided to try Cakewalk's CD Burner utility for the first time. I was able to drag and drop the two tracks into the track list, and I was able to burn the CD, and the CD did play ok, but I noticed the song titles text was not transferred to the CD, and going back for a second test, I was not able to even find an option to name the songs manually. They just show up as "Track01" and "Track02" on any player I use. I couldn't find anything documented about it, or any settings in the utility UI for this. I know this is not a hugely important part of a DAW, but for some reason, for CWbB's high standard of excellence, it seems to be sorely lacking basic functionality, almost like it was put in place long ago, but CW never got back around to reviewing and addressing what features would be necessary. If it's going to be there, why not overhaul it so that it can do at least what some of the basic free CD burner software out there does, like AnyBurn for one example. Seems kinda silly to give a CD of my original song to someone to listen to, and tell them, yeah man, check out my new song, it's called "Track01"! Silly, right? đŸ˜‰ Thanks for listening, much appreciated!
  14. Thanks Lord Tim, I'll check out that burner software. Could you please tell me where I can send in my requests for features I'd like to see? I'd like to send in this one about the burner, just don't know where to send it. Thanks!
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