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  1. Thank you, that works!.. much appreciated. I'm still wondering why those notes end up in that comments box anyway. Is that some kind of default setting that can be changed? I'm not certain, but I think this might have began happening on one of the recent updates, because it never used to happen until fairly recently.
  2. Hi When I try to export an MP3, if I check the "Encode ID" box I noticed that all my project notes are automatically showing up in the Comments box at the bottom. Even if I don't check the Encode ID info box, I can still see the project notes in the comments box, they're just grayed out. In some projects I have a lot of notes. How do I prevent this from happening? I have been just deleting them, but it takes forever if there are a lot of notes because the box is small and I can only highlight a couple of sentences at a time for deletion. This is annoying. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be turned off ? I've never seen this before. thanks! MM
  3. Ok, I wasn't doing that. Thank you for letting me know, that's probably a better way to do it instead of just bouncing the track. Also, I would think having all those Melodyne edited clips sitting there un-rendered would unnecessarily be taking up some kind of CPU or memory as well, correct?
  4. Ok I see. Thanks guys! I usually just do a save of my project as I go, then render the entire vocal track once I'm done editing the whole thing with Melodyne. When I render it I just use bounce track function, and bounce that entire vocal track to another audio track, I assume that's the method you are referring to? I think the only other method would be to freeze it, I usually just bounce it down, same result. I'm editing small pieces of the vocal track at a time. Is there a better or more efficient way of doing this?
  5. In my most recent project I've been using Melodyne Assistant to edit my vocal tracks. I've noticed after I have done a Melodyne edit on a vocal audio clip (not an entire track), I can't split that clip anymore. When I try the split function is grayed out, unavailable. I can crop it by dragging one end or the other, but can't split it once I've used Melodyne and saved my work. I wanted to split it because I had the same lyrical phrase on the tail end of another clip that came out better after editing with Melodyne. I figured I could just split the clips, and replace the end piece with the better of the two since they were the same lyric/phrase. I ended up being able to work around it by drag cropping them both and sliding the better one into place. Just wondering why does the clips split function gets cancelled out after using Melodyne?
  6. Thanks for clarifying John. Yeah I use different reverbs for different things, so the reverb buss would work if I was to just use one blanket setting for everything. For years I didn't pay much attention to setting things up correctly because my projects were simpler. When I started creating more complex projects with multiple tracks for each instrument, I watched a couple of CW videos on YT on how to set up the projects and busses properly, etc....because things became more complex after awhile. I try to keep things as simple as possible, enough to stay organized so things don't get out of hand. Seems to be working well at the moment.
  7. It was the reverb. This plug can be inserted as either Stereo, Mono, or Mono/Stereo. I had it in there as Mono/Stereo, figuring I'd be fine, which I was, until I tried panning the tracks. I removed it and re-inserted it as a Stereo plug and all is well now, works fine. It kinda threw me cuz I usually don't use this particular plug very often, so from now on I'll know to add it as a Stereo plug whenever possible. Live and learn! John, I do have the effects on the AC Guitar sub buss, which is how I usually do it....did you mean I should add reverb FX to the Master buss instead? You just said "buss", please clarify. Thanks!
  8. UPDATE: Ok, narrowing things down... I just tried turning off the FX in the FX bin in the AC Guitar Buss, and the panning now works fine. This is still kinda unusual though because I've never had this issue before, even with FX stacked in the Buss channel. After reading another similar thread I had checked the interleave switch and that was fine. I know some FX have the ability to be added as either stereo or mono, and some even have a mono/stereo setting. UPDATE: I have 3 FX in that buss channel, and I started turning them off one at a time with the AC Guitar track panned hard left, and I've narrowed it down to one particular reverb FX causing the issue, not sure why yet though, but it is the last one in the chain, so...
  9. Hi, My usual routing for most projects is routing each instrument to its matched sub buss, so all drum tracks route to the drum buss, all the acoustic guitar tracks all route to the acoustic Gtr buss, etc....and each buss is routed to the Master buss/channel I recently recorded 2 Acoustic guitar tracks (mono), and want to pan them one left and the other right. The AC Gtr buss pan knob is set to center. This is usually how I set it up and it usually works fine if I want to pan the individual tracks left or right. This time when I tried to pan full 100% left on the first AC gtr track the track meter shows only full signal on the left and no signal on the right(as it should), but I noticed it didn't sound panned, it just sounds like the volume gets lower and I'm still hearing signal through the right side too. The meter on the AC Gtr Buss, however, does show both L & R sides getting full signal, even with the individual track panned hard left. This has never happened to me before, there must be some logical explanation, I just haven't hit on it yet. If I try routing that same individual AC Guitar track direct to the Master instead of the AC Guitar buss, it pans fine that way, it's only messed up when I route it to the AC Gtr buss. All my other instrument tracks in the same project that are routed to subs pan fine. I do have effects in the AC Gtr buss, will check those, but I haven't had an issue with FX in subs before, we'll see.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for jumping in here with those solutions! Both of them worked just fine. In the Bounce To Track dialog in the time drop down I clicked on the three dots (...) next to "end" and selected "loop end", which extended it. I also tried bitflipper's suggestion of just dragging the midi clip which gave me the same result. Simple solutions I didn't know about and for some reason couldn't find in my searches. I also don't remember solving it this way the last time, which was many versions ago, just glad to have the solution. Thanks again for being so generous with your time and knowledge. As always the good people that have made up this forum for many years, came through with the answers again, regardless if the problem is a complicated one, or a simple one such as this one. I'm proud to be a part of this community.
  11. Funny you mention that Eric, ....right after I posted here I went back to see if the same thing would happen if I freeze a track, and found that freezing the track did pick up the entire trail of the midi clip. Thanks for the reply, your suggestion gave me a temporary work around that I can use for this particular application. However, I'm still in need of a more permanent solution for the Bounce To Tracks option though, because if it's going to do that when I'm bouncing longer music tracks or multiple midi tracks, it's still going to continue to pose an issue for me. Hopefully someone has the answer to that soon.
  12. Hi I remember running into this a long time ago, and can't remember what the fix was, but I think it was simple. I'm using a VST synth to make very short recordings (for phone ring tones) which end up being only a couple measures in length. Some synth sounds I use have an audible trail off FX that continue to sound and slowly fade off even after releasing the key on my controller keyboard. When I use Bounce To Tracks to bounce the MIDI track to Audio, it cuts off that audio trail off, and the sound ends abruptly on the audio clip. You can visibly see that the bounced audio clip length ends exactly at the same length as the MIDI clip ends. This is frustrating to say the least. I'm pretty sure there is an easy settings fix, I just can't remember and haven't been able to find it! Any help appreciated if you know why this is happening. Thanks, much appreciated MM
  13. Ok, good to hear I'm not the only one ! I haven't yet gotten to the point of using the commit command. đŸ¤”Interesting that it plays fine after permanently altering the project, I'll have to give that a try. I wonder if they plan to address and fix that in the next version
  14. I've been experimenting with the Arranger track feature. I'm still a noob with this feature, but so far I've noticed when I've arranged my song in the order I'd like to hear it, during the playback, the audio has a hesitation or skip at the point when it changes to the next section, (especially if the sections are not in the original order of the song). The song plays fine with Arranger if all the sections are played in the original order I recorded them in. When I begin re-arranging the order is when I get the skip. I even get a skip when using Arranger if for example I want to play two repetitions of the same chorus section. To further test this, I looped that same chorus section just using the regular Loop tool and it loops fine with no skip. When two of that same chorus is butted together in Arranger, it skips from one to the next. All the tracks in this particular project are audio, and I know that audio is likely not going to be as accurate as midi would when using Arranger, but shouldn't it operate with at least the same accuracy as the regular loop tool?
  15. Michael, I did try it with a stand alone B3 organ and didn't work. However, my PC tech just fixed it, all set now! He did what you said about uninstalling the driver then re-installing it, but he did fix a couple of other things before doing that. It seems I'm all set now. It was just strange that CW would notice when I turned off the keyboard, and when I turned it back on it asked if I want to add it, but it never showed up in the active midi device list in CW. Thanks guys for hanging with me on this and for all the help, much appreciated!
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