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  1. To the bakers, I have been using cakewalk for many many years (since version 3.0 for Windows 3.1 ☺) for personal usage. Professionally, I used back then Voyetra Gold (in DOS) in the early nineties. Today I am just a hobbyist but I would like to see a couple of small things reworked in Cakewalk. The MultiDock : The ability to rename and move tabs. They actually take the plugins name and the track/bus it sits on and in the end it takes way to much space and isn't convenient to have to scroll instead of having in view what we need to jump to quickly. If we could rename the tabs by giving short names we could have in site much much more tabs without having to scroll. The Plug-in Manager Window : Give back the ability the maximize the window. It used to be a maximizable window not so long ago and it has become a dialogue box and the control buttons has disappeared (in 2019 I think). Even though it is resizable, it is less convenient the having the ability to maximize it in one click. The Track View : The ability to invert the clip/track color by having the background color the same as the track color and the wave form taking the dark gray color. That way, when you select a specific color for your track(s), the clips background gets the same color as your track instead of the wave/midi taking that color. The wave/midi could all be dark gray or whatever option we could pick. It could be a check box in the color preferences dialogue box labeled "Invert Clip Color". Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Anyone know what is the latest version of Theme Editor ? I have I was wondering if it gets updated at the same time we do the regular Cakewalk update once a month or so ? Thanks !
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