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  1. Same problem. I initially tried to update. When the update wouldn't install, i uninstalled the program and was unable to install it again. Whatever you do, do not uninstall the program!
  2. Exact same problem here.... I am unable to download Cakewalk. The setup for Drum Replacer and the other addons downloads fine but the main Cakewalk setup has 1kb and is unusable.
  3. Similar problem here. I've been trying to install Cakewalk for 1 hour, and Bandlab Assistant always downloads a 1 kb file instead of the full setup file. This happens on 2 computers and there is no problem in downloading the setup files for Drums Replacer and the other addons, just the main Cakewalk installer always has 1kb. I never had this problem before and i've been using Cakewalk ever since it came out.... Anyone ale experience this? I suspect it's a problem from Bandlab.
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