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  1. natalini

    Does CbB Support MPE?

    You can certainly record wave in Cbb from a source MPE drived but you cannot record and edit that 5D modulation in midi .
  2. i see what you mean and i smiled for the clone image although it can be many way of driving such minor pentatonic riffs.
  3. maybe but it will depend on their policy, the staff who built what was Stagelight (roland should have keep this name) can make some surprised. but still i don't check how vst are handled. since i discovered an use cubasis on ipad, my main focus is to throw the prehistoric rat from my desktop computer, my hand reject the mouse. that is why i came to cakewalk but it need a so big improvement for be touchable....or you can go for Ableton and Cubase with a third party software for be touchable but since there is new version of both, third party need to program update compatibilities thzt id not the case till now.
  4. Sure, if you don't use touchscreen.....although zenbeat can be resize !
  5. i am trying out Zenbeat from roland. it is first time i can use a daw, (setting, recording and editing ) in a desktop touchscreen without touching the mouse a single time . unfortunalely not complete as Cakewalk, here is the minimum. cakewalk with zenbeat touchable functionalities will be the daw of 21 century.
  6. Is Roland trying to catch old customer from sonar with the zenbeat full touchable daw? this is the first touchable daw that i can use without touching the mouse a single time. i am trying out now. it have the minimum functionalities but not as complete than cakewalk, unfortunately. cakewalk with the touchable functionalities of Zenbeat will be just the perfect daw of 21 century.
  7. Is there anything specific that isn't working for you? presently, i use a multitouch monitor ilyama 32 pouce, so it is capacitive only not like an ipad or surface pro witch have an active screen. with KC23, __ first at all is the possibility to work with tools in the track view, editing clips and curves. __ touch enable within the midi editor, working with pencil or finger with big screen for editing midi is very convenient, capacitive screen don't allow to have multi function pencil with R and L click but if adding short cut keyboard, it should be possible then. __ general improvement of the touch precision.
  8. I don't know how many peoples use or like to use touchscreen with Cakewalk, personally I like to throw away the prehistoric mouse( specially for my shoulders, but also for my workflow/ergonomic), unfortunately the touch function in Cakewalk is limited, at minimum we would need the ability to work within the tracks for leave efficiently the rat. These animals will disappear or at list will become accessories one day, be in advance Cakewalk.
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