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  1. Here is another code which gives you 50% discount: OME50OTC
  2. Looks like Time & Space is gone forever without the promised access to our accounts 😐
  3. Welcome back Larry! ☺️
  4. There are two old codes that still works. Use AXECUS919 to purchase Axiom for $129, and DESTRX919CUS to purchase Destructor for $59. If you have one or more Blue Cat Audio plugins, on the next sale you will receive coupon codes to purchase other their plugins for cheaper 😎
  5. If you downloaded Retro Pong last year, you will receive an additional $20 off voucher! Btw, this plugin reminds me a lot of INFILTRATOR.
  6. Hmm, according to AudioDeluxe this deal expires after 9 days, but Markus at KVR said that Saurus 3 will be always $59 😲
  7. You can also join their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thefxchain), send a message to the administrator and he will send you 21% off discount code, so Pitchmap will cost you $78!
  8. Yeah, I decided to buy iLoud Micro Monitors from Thomann, nice monitors for great value. MTM's was cheaper at Thomann too, but with my jampoints it was cheaper buying directly from IKM than anywhere else.
  9. I would like to add my little experience about IK Multimedia. Recently I came across this promotion and decided to order iLoud MTM using my jampoints: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=11101 At first I did not understand how to add monitors to the cart. When I press "Buy Now" button, I am being redirected to a common page with all monitors. When I choose "iLoud MTM - Pair" and press "Buy Now" button, I am being redirected to a common page again and again! Thanks to tech support, who explained to me that I need to click on the price tag in order to to add a product to the cart (a thing that is not quite obvious to me). Then I found that the price in dollars and euro is the same. I live in Russia, so my currency at IKM website is euro and I can't change it. In conversion to russian rubles, if I would pay in dollars instead of euro, it would be almost $100 cheaper. This means that the price will be less for everyone who pays in dollars than for those who pays in euro. Tech support replied that the currency depends on the region and that they cannot change it, so I decided not to buy these monitors just out of principle πŸ˜’
  10. Hmm, I read somewhere (probably at reddit) that if you bought SmartEQ 2 shortly before the release of SmartEQ 3, upgrade is free.
  11. Isn't NI Hybrid Keys was always free? 😲
  12. As I know, this sale lasts at least a year.
  13. Due to info from reddit, this sale lasts until 2 December
  14. Imo it's better to buy Unfiltered Audio's TRIAD on the next sale for the same price, which is also multiband and includes all effects 😎
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