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  1. If you don't want to pay for upgrades every year, affinity software are also for sale right now https://affinity.serif.com/store/
  2. iScream

    Noiseash BF Sale

    As I remember, prices hasn't been changed since release of all plugins 😂
  3. Direct download link: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/HPQcKkBEva
  4. "Your credit coupon earned for having purchased SynthMaster Player from us" and I received this email on October 19.
  5. It makes sense to spend $9 voucher which was recently sent to all synthmaster users. Already bought two Aiyn Zahev expansions
  6. Any advantages over the Cableguys Volume Shaper?
  7. If you doubt to purchase this, you can wait and buy it at $15-$20 (according to my records) on the big sale. And yes, at least Steam version of this plugin is abandoned and very buggy.
  8. iScream

    Arturia Pigments

    I was posting about this sale here 6 days ago: But looks like no one seen my message 😢
  9. iScream

    RX Elements

    I found this 😱 https://www.kvraudio.com/product/music-essentials-bundle-by-izotope-inc
  10. Now this is for sale for $69 for everyone at Reverb: https://reverb.com/ru/software/instruments/arturia/3576-arturia-pigments-advanced-software-wavetable-synthesizer
  11. iScream

    ADSR Action Delay

    It's $30 at official website since release 😁
  12. How does this compare to XenoVerb?
  13. Hi. I remember there was thread at the old forum about TrackSpark, so I hope I'm not only who subscribed to this. This month goody pack includes some loops, tutorial and "Organic Drum Kit by Xclusive-Audio". According to the instructions in the pdf file, to download this drum kit, you should paste special code at the special web-form at the Xclusive-Audio website. But every time after pasting the code, I got such error: "Not Acceptable! An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security." All TrackSpark social media are abandoned, support doesn't answer on email (I didn't received answer from my request, which I send them about year ago). And such problem happens not for the first time. All this situation feels like throw garbage in the face. I understand that I will not receive FabFilter plugins for $6 ($3 in my case) a month, but at least, at the beginning of TrackSpark there was some quite good plugins in the monthly packs. Now, almost all latest packs includes drum loops (which just spend hdd space), presets and tutorial on YouTube, which can be viewed by any user - not only by TrackSpark subscriber. Looks like it's time to unsubscribe
  14. Hello. Year or two ago I bought some cheap plugins from PA and started getting monthly vouchers. I was surprised when I received $15 voucher several times despite the fact that I spend $5 on a plugin. After few month I stopped receiving these vouchers. Last month I bought DS Thorn for $19 and received nothing. Did terms of receipt PA voucher been changed or I should have spend more $ to get it?
  15. It costs $5, but code XMAS50 cuts the price to $2.50. Bundle contains: - Risers - Impacts - Downlifters - Noises - Soundscapes - Sweeps - Reverse FX - Sci-Fi FX - 517 FX loops total - 1.5GB unzipped - Packed with any FX you can imagine - 100% royalty-free Unfortunately there is no demo. Link
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