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  1. Thanks Terry That indeed did happen it just started working out of nowhere. I was thinking about purchasing melodyne essentials but read that v-vocal has many more usable options than the watered down melodyne version and the full program is just way to expensive. Do you have any insight or opinion on this.
  2. Hey John thanks again for the reply. Your right bandlab seems to crash less and has a smoother overall sound. I also went ahead and purchased the audio tecnica at 2020 cheap cardiod mic but it sounds a little better than the dynamic sennheiser I was using. I am using medium grade headphones for monitoring. Im thinking of re recording the vocals with the new hardware and software as the tracks are noisy with poor timing and can be recorded clearer. Quite a task as there are literally a hundred vocal tracks on this project and they need to be better organized for part distribution to vocalists. By the way Im not really a singer I work with legendary vocal harmony recording groups from the 50s through the 70s who all have had major hit records and the recording is just for arranging and for vocal part distribution. However I am now challenged to get it to sound better just to be more professional and to be less embarrassed by my vocal abilities as these are among the best harmony singers in the world. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to help.
  3. Solved Bandlab installed after disabling firewalls and antivirus but it wasn't easy went through many attempts.
  4. I downloaded bandlab and it works fine except for V vocal which I use extensively. It shows up in the FX region. I try to create the region but the editor never opens in the multidock. I followed everything in the documentation and searched threads but I am at a standstill. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Spent many hours trying to install Bandlab Cakewalk. No success it hangs on installing watched all videos and tried all suggestions on forums. No luck
  6. Hi Guys Looking for advice . Sonar X1 Studio. I think there may be something wrong with my recording settings or mic. Mixdown does not sound as clear as other projects I hear across the web. Frustrating because a lot of time goes into it and I feel the end result is unuseable. I keep the levels below the red but it still sounds a bit distorted to me. Settings: Audio Driver Bit Depth 24, Sampling rate 44100, Mixing Latency Buffers in playback Queue 2, Driver Mode Asio, Dithering Rectangular, File system Record I/O Buffer 512kb. PC specs Processor Intel i5-4210u CPU @ 1.70 GHZ 2.40 GHZ. Ram 7.89 GB, 64 Bit operating system, x64 based processor. Microphone (Dynamic) Sennhieiser E 838 , Interface Presonus Audiobox usb 96. This track is acapella vocals only Any advice would be much appreciated. rainbow master 1_2.mp3
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