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  1. Didn't crash this way before the update.
  2. Crashed here. Double clicking a clip to view piano roll did nothing. Right click did nothing This caused the crash: Also crashed last night after the update (same project) when exporting to wav. I did complain about StillWell MajorTom compressor plugin though. Will keep a close eye and if happens again try and obtain a crash dump... Loving the note names on midi notes!
  3. I'd say it creates a "free-jazz" mix ...
  4. Hey thanks Scook!! Culprit below!
  5. Update: Deleted all plugins (not synths) and issue has been resolved. Just as well I'm at an early stage in the project and hadn't started mixing! PRV weirdness till happening with the listening tool though 😞
  6. Hi, I have quite small project with Halion Sonic for piano, Geist for some beats and ANA synth for bass, plus a few plugins here and there. The project plays perfectly but when I bounce to audio the resulting sound in the choruses goes haywire! The piano appears to be receiving masses of midi notes from either then drum plugin (Geist) or the bass midi. I've tried performing a standard export to 16 bit Wav, a real-time export, export without 64bit processing and fast/slow export but the messed up midi appears. I've tried disabling midi echo across the project too. It was really embarrassing in front of my client. In the end I had to play the project and then record using Audacity. This worked until the audio engine crashed - I was using high latency on my RME Fireface and I have a Core i7 CPU with 16GB Ram. Any ideas where to find the offending midi bleed? I'm also having issues with the MIDI PRV when I select the listening tool. It appears to get stuck and starts giving weird behaviour such as inserting random notes! Thie midi thing has been happening across all my projects after I've been in the PRV for a while and editing. Apologies for the 2 issues for one post but my frustration levels are rising. Will remove all plugins from the project as a starter... Any help appreciated. Cheers, Mike.
  7. Hi, I just sent a message to the magazine after I noticed they were doing these features. It took quite some time before I got my feature. The interview questions were emailed over after a short dialog between myself and the magazine. I've had professional photos taken for my website so I just sent these in.
  8. Thanks!! 1 Gibson - the SG, but just sold it. The Les Paul is a Japanese Edwards and the Strat is a parts-caster I put together with the Dave Gilmour mod! There's a 1985 Westone Spectrum there too - my first "decent" guitar back in 1986.
  9. Hello fellow Cakewalkers! My studio has just been featured in Music Tech Magazine! Here's the link to the online version but I had a double page spread in the glossy magazine! https://www.musictech.net/features/studios/mike-lowe-studio-10-music/ Must be because I'm a Cakewalk Bandlab user? Turns out they own the magazine! Thought you guys would be interested to see my space which has been put together for a relatively small budget. Cheers, Mike p.s. I also big-up SSL... any SSL freebies gladly received...well, one can wish!
  10. This happens on the vst3 version of the Big CEIL Plugin by Acustica! Haven't tried installing VST2 - will do that now!
  11. It's a bit flaky - can lose the connection so to speak and you have to have input monitoring enabled - but it's a start.
  12. Got it working. Add Halion to the FX bin. Set the output of my audio track, guitar in this instance, to a new Patch Point. Set the input of the Halion track to the Patch Point 🙂 Happy Days
  13. Hi, I've tried adding the synth to the FX Bin but alas still no Side-Chain to target. Dissapointed - have raised a support call with Steinberg to see if any other DAW apart from Cubase can see the side-chain. Cheers
  14. Hi, Any Halion 6 users out there? According to the documentation you have to enable the side-chain input by clicking a button in the plugin header...there is no button! Is this a Cubase only feature? Can anyone help me to get the audio from my guitar recorded into a Halion 6 instance within Sonar? I've tried various routing options but have given up. Halion 6 doesn't show a side-chain input for example if I try to put a send on my guitar audio track to send to Halion. Thanks, Mike.
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