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  1. Thanks for following up, Glenn. I think I had an installation problem. I normally run my DAW in a non-admin user account. Most of the time, that works fine. On a hunch I decided to uninstall Scaler and reinstall from the admin account. I also disabled Windows real-time virus protection during the install. After running the Plug-in Manager, the Scaler virtual instruments showed up and could be inserted in a project as expected. Now I just have to find time to play with it a bit and decide whether to buy it while it's still on sale.
  2. Thanks for the replies. As I mentioned, I can see the Scaler vsti and vst3i (instruments) plugins in the Plug-in Manager, but they don't show up anywhere in the virtual instruments browser even after rescanning. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Scaler 2, but the result is the same. When I get time, I'll ask in the Scaler forum and see if anybody there knows what's going on.
  3. Yesterday I installed the trial version of Scaler 2. After looking at the manual and watching some videos, I'm still confused about how to get Scaler 2 into a Cakewalk project. Can Scaler 2 be loaded as a virtual instrument in Cakewalk? The vsti shows up in the Plug-in Manager, but Scaler 2 doesn't appear in the list of Soft Synths. Scaleraudio 2 shows up in the audio FX list for audio tracks, but I've had limited success trying to get that to work as demonstrated in the videos. Either something didn't install correctly or I'm just confused about how Scaler 2 is supposed to be configured in a Cakewalk project in order to be able to detect audio and MIDI input. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  4. I don't know why this happens, but I've seen this Melodyne behavior in the last two versions. My workaround is to close then reopen the Melodyne editor window. The notes appear when the window reopens.
  5. Thanks for the info everybody. I'm even farther behind the curve than I thought. 😄
  6. Is there an "easy" way to replace your boot disk with an SSD without having to reinstall all your apps and settings?
  7. I just read an article at Ars Technica about Microsoft negotiating with manufacturers to require all new Windows machines to use SSDs as their boot drives. Lots of people on this forum are already using them. But, I'm still running everything on my older HP desktop with a single HD. It actually works fine for the kinds of projects I do, and I don't have much in the way of sample libraries. For people who boot from an SSD, do you still use an old-fashioned HD for big sample libraries and that sort of thing? How about your project audio? Do you track to the SSD or the HD?
  8. If anyone else experiencing this problem is using a Focusrite audio interface, try installing the new drivers available on the Focusrite web site. I installed this morning, and the problem went away.
  9. It's been a long time since I updated my Focusrite driver. Can someone remind me -- do you uninstall the old driver before running the new installer? I can't find where they answer this question on their support site.
  10. It's the curse of high expectations. I can sympathize. It helps to keep reminding myself it's OK if my music doesn't sound as good as the music of professional musicians who are professionally recorded and produced. I can still enjoy doing it, just like I used to enjoy playing football or basketball even though lots of people were better than I was.
  11. I rolled back to the previous update just now and that didn't fix the problem.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Double-clicking a project name opens the project OK. There are no zip files in the media browser folder or subfolders. Finally, Cakewalk rarely hangs completely for me, though it often displays "unresponsive" briefly while opening a project. Next time I get a hang, I'll use procdump to generate a minidump file.
  13. OK, I'll ignore the start screen processes. The spinning start circle is still a problem, though. It makes the mouse pointer sluggish, probably from the heavy CPU draw while Cakewalk is waiting for me to select a project.
  14. I looked to confirm the .exe was on the AV exception list. Then I decided to look at the processes that start up with Cakewalk. There were three instances of cakewalkstartscreen.exe running, so I added that file to the AV exception list. That did nothing to cure the perpetually spinning start circle problem. Now I'm wondering why Cakewalk needs to start three instances of cakewalkstartscreen.exe.
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