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  1. Sorry to hear the news, Shane. Hang in there. . .
  2. Good luck, Bill! Stay in touch.
  3. Good to know I'm not the only one.
  4. Also, be sure when you're playing your recorded tracks back that you mute the original MIDI to EZDrummer. Otherwise, you'll get some weird phase cancellations.
  5. Ray Charles performing America the Beautiful. So hopeful.
  6. Thanks! This was lots of fun. I wish I could hire them to do my background vocals.
  7. Also interested to hear other people's experiences. Everything I've tried so far has been disappointing.
  8. Thanks for all the helpful info. It's good to know more about how the system works and what to watch out for.
  9. For years I've avoided buying any software that requires iLok. It just seemed too intrusive and clunky to me. Now I'm reconsidering. Is it true you can manage licenses on your PC without a dongle or other external hardware? How much crap does it have to install on your computer? Is the process pretty seamless once it's set up? I'd appreciate it if people who've used iLock would share their experiences. Thanks.
  10. If you have any blobs selected, the Melodyne screen won't scroll. I try to remember to click in some empty spot in the Melodyne screen before starting the transport.
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