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  1. Ray Charles performing America the Beautiful. So hopeful.
  2. Thanks! This was lots of fun. I wish I could hire them to do my background vocals.
  3. Also interested to hear other people's experiences. Everything I've tried so far has been disappointing.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful info. It's good to know more about how the system works and what to watch out for.
  5. For years I've avoided buying any software that requires iLok. It just seemed too intrusive and clunky to me. Now I'm reconsidering. Is it true you can manage licenses on your PC without a dongle or other external hardware? How much crap does it have to install on your computer? Is the process pretty seamless once it's set up? I'd appreciate it if people who've used iLock would share their experiences. Thanks.
  6. If you have any blobs selected, the Melodyne screen won't scroll. I try to remember to click in some empty spot in the Melodyne screen before starting the transport.
  7. When this happened to me, I was eventually able to hear the pitch by clicking in a different spot on the blob. Unfortunately, now I can't remember where exactly I needed to click to make it work. Maybe you can experiment a little and see if it works for you.
  8. OK, now it's my turn for a question. How did you get the shortcut URL for the song?
  9. I just did this yesterday, and it took me a while to find it. Go into the Edit screen, then click on the Music tab. Then click on the song you want to change. Then click on the Charts/Files tab. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the Replace File option. By the way, you can now upload WAV files -- not sure how long that option has been available.
  10. Thanks for sharing that story with us, Kenny. Take care.
  11. Just saw this. . . That's really rough, Kenny. My sympathies as a fellow dog owner.
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