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  1. Across the many software apps [ video editing, desktop publishing/design/graphics ] there is a feature that is very useful for navigation - to 'pull into view' whatever part of your design or timeline you want to get to quickly. Holding down the middle mouse activates a 'grab hand' tool so that you can drag/pan the view left or right, up or down, in a very intuitive manner. This is so useful to move around the interface [I have the midi piano roll in mind]. I'm not neccessarily advocating for the removal of other methods - many people will find pressing ctrl and scrolling to be adequate. This 'grabbing hand' tool I have found to be much easier in many other softwares to move to the desired location in the interface. Davinci Resolve has this exact method in it's timeline [ although if i remember correctly it only works from left to right - I would request both left/right, up and down for Cakewalk piano roll ] Its such a small thing really, but such a breeze to use Here's hoping 😊
  2. +1 Please, this would be a great update. Tempo variations are so necessary to many people's workflow - to have this feature like the automation tracks [ volume, pan , etc..] would be extremely useful. And simple. 🙂
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