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  1. Hey!! How useful do you guys find the waves one knob collection, vs the Style Dial effects already present in cakewalk??
  2. Wow great job with this theme!!!! The Eq plugin colors are def my style!!!
  3. This is a really nice theme, brings me a different feeling when producing!
  4. You may need to take a minute and check out a few videos on mixing/mastering. If you turn up the volume on your track and it crackles, then there is probably a problem with your mix. For a quick start, cut out all frequencies in your track under 30hz for a more clear low end and then cut all above about 14000hz so there isn't too much high end. Also one big tip, before you boost the overall volume of your track, make sure the mix isn't already peaking. You want to achieve an initial mix that doesn't peak past something like -6db so that when you make your track louder in the master process it doesn't distort. Check out the tutorial topic in this forum and others on youtube, that is just a small part of mixing/mastering.
  5. I agree that we do need a native sampler in cakewalk, but thanks for the link to the free sampler.
  6. Very nice plugin, Im trying it out now, we def need more cakewalk plugins and community support like this. 🤓
  7. Thanks a lot, this theme really helps bring details into contrast!
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