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  1. This is what I thought was going to happen in the world of music sometimes in the past. I envisioned going to a club where a large screen on the stage would project these type of images. Live musicians dressed in costumes would perform. That would sort of be something like a modern day version of Alice Cooper. This was very fun for me to watch and hear. Better living vicariously through my computer than nothing at all. Very artistic music and visuals. Billy
  2. I am not sure what I think about this song...lol There was a lot of hair pulling and teeth gnashing to get too this point. Don't worry, I put chicken wire up around the stage just in case! Billy
  3. Not everything I have done is old school...lol Never give an old guy a computer....he's likely to do most anything. https://soundcloud.com/planobilly/cyber-space-redo-2
  4. You got that right Bob. I stay far away from the keys in mini season.
  5. Bob...those are northern lobster....I thought you were a Florida spiny lobster mini season kind of guy...lol LOL Billy
  6. Makes me think of WiseGuyz, a rockabilly band from Ukraine. I have a lot of footage shot with a GoPro out the window of the car in Europe. I don't know if you could use something like that but at least it is free. PM me if you can use something I got. I started to try some video stuff but ran into the issue of where to get video material without being a millionaire. Cheers, Billy
  7. Cool stuff. You can feel the Covid-19 tension. Cheers, Billy
  8. OMG...the only thing wrong with this song is I didn't write it...lol Had me laughing at Jagermeister...lol I did one about MD2020 but it was way to serious and my black friends told me not to be singing about that stuff in this part of town...lol I have always wished I knew how to write like you do. I am a engineer, pilot, ship captain, all kinda serious sort of things to do. I want to be funny, but as close as I get is the way I look...lol Really good stuff. I have to keep my eye on you. Cheers, Billy
  9. As I was reading the lyrics while listening to the song everything seemed good to go. There is one issue in the chorus " scarin’ you" which has been mention by Mark. I speak a few languages other than English so I understand how it is to be a little unsure about singing in a "foreign " language. You have nothing to worry about as it is obvious you have a really good command of English. If you want hear something really comedic, I can sing you a line or two in French...lol Many times in songwriting very unusual ways of expressing something are used. Example, "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower" a Dylan Thomas line from a poem. Sometimes saying something in English structured in a manner consistent with another language can be a cool thing. Don't worry, be happy...you are doing great. Cheers, Billy
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for all the kind words. I have just about finished up a complete re-write of this. Real drum track. Much better mix. I played the guitar on the new version. It may not be as good as Brent's ability to play but at least it's mine. I have a few more things to do and I will post it. Sometimes it takes me a long time to decide if I like something I write. This one is very repetitive in the harmonic structure. Songs like that are pretty rare to be liked by very many people, me included. Thanks to Mark Skinner, Barry Seymour, Philip G Hunt, John Maar, and Freddy J for responding. Philip, as to your question about shopping it around...no I just do this for my own amusement and amazement. I use to write and play songs in hopes that the girls would like me...lol Now I am happy if I like me...lol Cheers, Billy
  11. I thought I would come here and say hello. This may be a little old school for you guys...lol Just something I been messing around with while being lock up in my house. I guess I need to take better pictures...lol Cheers, Billy
  12. I just talk to my dog instead of going on line. Now if he could just play drums instead of being a vocalist.
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