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  1. iZiKKO

    Fading on Midi or Instrument tracks

    Thank you guys for all these good tips! Re. fading with automation tracks have you noticed if they use lots of CPU?
  2. iZiKKO

    Reference Guide PDF now available

    Absolutely brilliant guys! You rock!
  3. iZiKKO

    Fading on Midi or Instrument tracks

    Brilliant! Automation it is! Thank you for your help, mate!
  4. iZiKKO

    Fading on Midi or Instrument tracks

    Mate, regular "drag" fading does not seem to work on Instruments tracks either?
  5. Hi guys. Fading is easy on Cakewalk IF you have just a regular audio track. BUT, if you have a midi or instrument track it gets more complicated. What is your easiest, or preferred method of fading in and out on midi tracks? This is a beginner question, so please explain this as you would explain it to your grandmother
  6. iZiKKO

    Do You Use Drum Maps?

    Hi all drummers! I have been using maps as well as dropping individual samples to separate drum tracks. I prefer the latter. Lately also been testing Loopcloud material, which seem pretty high end at times! But, my additional question is somewhat related to using drum maps. Regarding drum pads, what is the best way to program those 8 midi pads on your controller? I use Akai MPK mini2 and the software that comes with it just sucks. So, looking for advice how to program my Akai pads within Cakewalk.
  7. iZiKKO

    Melodyne Alternative

    Has anyone uninstalled the Melodyne demo from Cakewalk? Just wondering how to go about it as it is not really useful until you pay the $99-$499 activation fee.
  8. iZiKKO

    Hey Bandlab...

    @Tezza Wow! Sounds a bit complicated, mate! I will give it a go on another computer, because I already have CbB on my laptop. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Canopus! Brilliant! A nube question though: How do I install these new skins?
  10. iZiKKO

    Melodyne in Cakewalk by Bandlab

    It seems that Melodyne is not "in" any more, so has anyone deleted it from Cakewalk? If so, what is the best way of doing that?
  11. iZiKKO

    How to remove plug ins?

    I have also used C Cleaner which seems to collect all uninstallers into its interface.
  12. iZiKKO

    Newbie Help Please

    Hi Scott, As John mentioned most likely you are looking at the helper app from BandLab. When you install Cakewalk it should look like this, and by no means "basic"
  13. iZiKKO

    Is an EQ plugin worth it?

    Hi Michael, I am currently testing the free SON EQ from Sonimus. Not bad at all! Comes with a good manual as well. Check it out here: https://sonimus.com/products/soneq/
  14. Hi guys! Trying to remove (exclude) some plug ins I don't need anymore with the built in Plug In Manager, but even if I have ticked them Excluded I can still see them in my Plug Ins Panel on the right. Re-scanning the plug in folders did not help. See image attached. In this case I was trying to get rid of some mono versions of Blue Cat's plugs, as well as the (now) defunct Melodyne. Any ideas? Also, how can I sort the plug ins into different, or even custom folders? There seems to be lots of them going in the Uncategorised -folder.
  15. iZiKKO

    More VST instruments

    Hi guys! So, regarding all these cool VST plugins, when the installer asks me to choose what to install should I always install all versions, or just the 64 bit VST 2 version? My Cakewalk is 64 bit, and for instance the E MU Proteus 32 bit does not install properly.