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  1. Hey Paul, thanks for listening, glad you find this relaxing
  2. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey Paul,thanks for listening, glad you like the feel of this. 40 years, I feel old
  3. Hey John ,congrats on your album, couldn’t get all songs to play,flaky internet, but what I heard was mighty immpressive, I especially like no12 turning to dust, great vocals and guitars.
  4. Hey bb, nice rocker, great guitars, like it, a lot
  5. Hey jw, fun tune, certainly has vacation feel to it
  6. Hey jw, thanks for listening, glad you like noodles
  7. Rik

    "Demented Circus"

    Hey Tom, fantastic piece of music, love it, very creative. The only suggestion I have is to replace the bass sound in the first part with a tuba for that extra demented circus sound. Great job, really!
  8. Hey John, thanks for listening, use it or lose it Hey emeraldsoul, thanks, I’m feeling particulary anachronistic right know
  9. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey amiller, thanks for the link, interesting for sure. Do you happen to know what key I’m playing in ?
  10. Hey K enny, thanks for listening, and the nice comments, so glad you noticed the octaves, with my dissabilities it’s like wringing blood from a stone to get everything in sync ; )
  11. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey amiller ,thanks for explaining, I never think in note names, cde etc, but in 1/2 and whole steps on the high e string. by my reckoning I’m playing this scale : 1/2 1 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 I may be totally wrong of course. I’ve been playing by ear for forty years plus and really never worry about scales .
  12. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey Lynn, thanks for listening and comments. I plugged my ovation in a line 6 firehawk fx in which I’ve made a patch with just some compression,eq ,reverb and a looper. Recorded via usb to laptop. For medical reasons I can’t spend to much time on the computer, so it’s just a bit of guitar for now
  13. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey Freddy, thanks for listening and liking, I’ve got a bathroom scale but it isn’t very musical though
  14. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey bjorn, thanks for listening, I really should know what scale you’re talking about, after 40 years of playing ; )
  15. Rik

    1001 or loop de loop :)

    Hey Joad, thanks for listening , glad you like the groove :)
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