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  1. Thanks, that's the sort of info I'm looking for. I'm familiar with what goes into the surf sound when it's played by real instruments, but not which packages out there supply the sounds to match. I've actually got a Strat, so I know what things *should* sound like, but have read some reviews on some guitar synths that didn't impress, despite looking like they'd be decent. I didn't want to spend time and money on packages that didn't deliver the goods. Your input is appreciated!
  2. Utter Cakewalk noobie here, who wants to compose some surf tunes to use in videos. A little background first, because I've got some limitations. Arthritic hands have destroyed what limited skills I had on guitar (can barely play my ukulele, and even that hurts), and I was never any sort of a keyboardist. "Live" performance recording is just not a realistic option. So... it looks like I'll have to manually bash my way through laying down tracks on the piano roll (please let me know if I'm wrong, because I know that will be slow) Anyway, assuming my approach above will work, I'm looking for opinions on guitars to get a vintage surf sound, like RealStrat, SC Electric Guitar, EW Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock, Orange Tree (Texas Twang, or Rock Standard), Native Instruments, etc. etc. Comments on amp and reverb VSTs would also be welcome. I'm still in the steep part of the learning curve, and it's a huge universe of tools.
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