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  1. I think it is. Strange that I only see incorrect PC messages. Everything else behaved as expected.
  2. I FOUND THE FIX!!! The bug went away when I changed the MIDI Driver Mode to MME (in MIDI Playback and Recording preferences). It was previously set to UWP. I don't know why this fixes it. Does anyone else see this problem? Many thanks for everyone's contributions.
  3. Yes. This exactly describes my experience. Identical files, two different results.
  4. Not for me. I know that the PC message is sent out twice but each time 2 messages are sent out on my system, 4 in total. The second and fourth messages are always PC 0
  5. I saved my file as a MIDI file and looked at it in hexadecimal. The doubled PC message is not in the file.
  6. That did cross my mind but as far as I know there are none active.
  7. Sorry to hear that Chris. I just had the jab, thankfully. I get the same results that you see except for the addition PC message. All PC messages are always immediately followed by C0 00 (PC message patch 0). I never see a single message.
  8. I started with a blank project, adding a single MIDI track and no midi data. The file below was made like that. Clicking on a patch name in the header sends the two PC messages. Inserting a single PC event using INSERT : Bank/Patch change from the menu gives the same result. It appears as one event in the list but two are transmitted. All of my external hardware is disconnected. If I capture the raw data via MIDI-OX it receives C0 0B , C0 00 I really appreciate your efforts to assist me. I now think that I have an unusual installation problem and you will not be able to duplicate it. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Next I will try a complete uninstall, removing registry entries. MidiPCTest.cwp
  9. It cannot be ins file related. The format of the message that is sent is incorrect with any ins I have tried, including the default general midi file. Also, as I said before, the message is correct when sent from Sonar 7 using the same default general midi ins file. What is the S7 project?
  10. Same as in my original post but preceded by the bank bytes. No bank data before the ‘phantom’ piano PC.
  11. ‘Normal’ send the message without bank data. Choosing other bank methods sends bank data (msb, lsb) before the PC message. The vibraphone patch is what I expected but it is immediately followed by Patch 0, ( acoustic piano). Both PC messages have exactly the same time stamp. It could be that 2 data bytes are sent instead of 1, with the second byte always zero. I haven’t checked to see if the entire message is repeated or just an additional data byte. Midi-ox doesn’t show the raw data.
  12. There is no other track. I opened a new, empty project, create only a midi track and then output a single PC message.
  13. If I delete the entire clip so that there are no events in the event list and then I change the patch via the header, the same thing happens - 2 PC messages. Very strange. I beginning to think that I may have an installation problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it hasn’t fixed it.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Everything looks normal to me. BL is definitely sending MIDI messages C0 0B (PC: Vibraphone) followed by C0 00 (PC Acc. Grand Piano)
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