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  1. I found the same issue, I only have the Guitar Rig 6 "player" version, which is likely fine for my needs but I may opt for the pro version depending on whether I like it or not, I'm going to compare it with amplitube see which I like best. Either way with both options it must work as a vst in Cakewalk, I don't care much for standalone stuff that works outside of my favourite DAW. In the native access app it said that guitar rig's vst's were in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 " which is in cakewalk's list of places to scan and where I did actually find a "Guitar Rig 6.dll" but despite rescanning the vst's and reading a log file a couple of times nothing. I copied the "Guitar Rig 6.dll" to cakewalk's own "vstplugins" folder just as a last ditch attempt and without a manual rescan cakewalk picked it up straight away. Strange but true, hope that helps someone.
  2. Older question but if this helps anyone. I had the same question myself after moving to Cakewalk from GarageBand but I found that in the TH3 Guitar guitar effect (built in), there is a tuner right there on the top of the TH3 interface to the right of the master and live toggle buttons. Another method, not quite as effective but you can always add a piano track and hit the E key (or D whatever root key you need) and tune them by ear.
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