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  1. All fixed now. I used the current command center and just reinstalled all of the effects one by one. Thanks, and it's good to be back.
  2. After getting caught up with upgrades, I seem to be all ready to start work again after a 5 year hiatus. Everything seems to be in order except for TH2 producer(I have TH3?), Z3ta+, and the XA-2A Levelling Amplifier. They all seem to be missing or failing, and when I go to Cakewalk, it wants to install the old command center. How do I either get them back or get rid of them? Thanks in advance...
  3. I finally decided to do some personal recording at home. The band thing(and my Sonar useage) was ended in 2017 after 3 stents were installed... I had been using BIAB, but glad to be on a platform I know how to use. I haven't opened CW in over 5 years!
  4. I finally made it over here. It's been a couple years since I used Cakewalk or did much with recording. Got the Bandlab stuff set up and now using an M-audio 1814 w/Eleven Rack, so a new learning curve. Thanks for being here. I'm sure I'll have questions! I was on the old forum and received much help.
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