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  1. Dear Anyone. OK, so I've had Cakewalk (a.k.a. Sonar as you know) for about 5 minutes and it's going to take a few ***** questions to get my head around it all, because it works utterly differently from my old VST. My old one was pure notation, you chose one instrument per stave and put in all the notes with a mouse. I loved it cos I'm disabled and can't play keyboards easily (co-ordination!) But my old one did everything with CC changes. You chose the right CC number, put in what you wanted to happen at that point - volume change, velocity change, whatever - and that was it. Thing IS - not all VSTs 'read' CC changes. So I just stuck with those that did. Then I hit Cakewalk. Where there's no nice little boxes (that I can find) to put CC changes in. I keep reading articles that say 'automate reverb' or whatever but I flat am not seeing how to do this without my old familiar CC change numbers. I've tried Googling 'automation' and it just says 'raising and lowering of levels in VSTs and plug-ins'. I know this. I'm just not seeing how to make Cakewalk do it! Hokay, so it's going to be something stoopid that's obvious to everyone else....!! I'm aware of this and happy to hear the sniggers as long as there's an answer in with them somewheres..... Yours respectfully - there's going to be another couple of questions after this but one at a time! - Chris.
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