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  1. 1. I created an "audio" track. 2. Next, I created busses containing my main FX plugins. 3. On the AUDIO track, I put "inserts" for each of these FX busses. 4. Save the audio track as a "template" track. When insert this newly created "track template," in any project, it inserts the track and the busses. The only thing is, the BUSSES have the green SOLO icon selected.
  2. Nested folders, NICE! 1. With this version, whenever I insert a "Track Template" containing inserts to a dependent "bus," the newly created bus is automatically in "Solo" mode. This was not happening before. Anything I should do on my end to correct this? 2. For me, NESTED folders was something I didn't know that I was missing -- until I wasn't. Love this addition!
  3. Crashing when I open a file that has WAVES plugin also. I've called Waves rep and they have helped as much as they can. The S-shot pic is the latest crash, since the CW by BL update. I am a long-time Sonar user. One interesting trick (temp work-around) that I tried with success, is to open the file with my original Sonar Platinum. It opens with no problem. Sometimes, after saving in that older version, it has opened without issue, in the newer Cakewalk version. Not sure if this can work on all previous versions though.
  4. With the update, the FX Chain is not recognizing some VSTs when attempting to assign to a button or knob. Also, when selecting the "Ranges," it has lost functionality.
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