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  1. I am pretty ready to come back to Cakewalk (I used Sonar 20 years) with great pleasure because you now introduce articulation maps which was the big failure of previous versions for midi composers as me. And you also added the possiblity to use Cubase expression maps which is very pleasant... . ... it is a relevant feature with new huge libraires but to join the current leader for that kind of DAW usage (which is Reaper, but little bugged) you have to add two new features : - Capability to rename midi CC : with some libraries (Chris Hein, Vienna Sl...) , we may use about 30 midi CC to manage the sound of our Vsti . It is clearly impossible to remind all midi cc assignation except if you have an elephant memory !. The solution introduced in Reaper is to offer the capability to each VSTi to have its own midi cc mapping (added with note mapping used for drum maps) . With this feature, we don't see midi cc21 and cc34 for example, we see "vibrato" and "Tremolo"..... which is clearly better for the user - Capability to draw midi cc lane with bezier curve or envelppe curves... as in Reaper and now in Cubase 11... I hope you will add these new relevant features as soon as possible... With these, Cakewalk could be the refereed DAW for midi composers because, if we compare to the current reference which is Reaper, cakewalk is more stable, and Cakewalk has a relevant channel strip... The Reaper's one is not at the good level and must clearly be improved...
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