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  1. I closed the Assistant, downloaded the last version from the site, and when I opened it the uploads confirmation messages popped up Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm following https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022218453-Integration-between-BandLab-and-Cakewalk- to try to create a workflow to collaborate with my band mates. I am able to create a projet in BandLab and then export the steams and upload them in Cakewalk. Then add more tracks, etc... In Cakewalk I use the EXPORT -> Bandlab option and it says the Assistant is uploading the project, but in BandLab never anything shows up, not even a new revision to the already existing project. Even if I give a diferent name, it doesn't creates a new projet. Any clues?
  3. BandLab and Cakewalk integration seems very nice. It will keep everything stored online and accessble to both os us. Just create a BandLab band and add members. We can work on BandLab or Cakewalk. We just want, for know, to make "demo quality" projects, so this seems more than enough. Will give it a try. Many thanks to all.
  4. Hello there, I'm fairly new to Cakewalk, and I (think I) know the basics to recording audio tracks. I'm trying to figure out what's the best workflow to collaborate with a friend also using Cakewalk, so we can make some music separately while Covid lasts (and beyond). What should be the better way to send my parts to him and then he adds his parts and sends it back to me? I have a folder with : Cakewalk Project File Audio folder with 2 WAV files (my 2 audio tracks) Should I just send him the whole folder? Thanks. Nelson
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