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  1. Available at https://ko-fi.com/anydaylong
  2. DRY and groovy TEATOWEL-drumsound with a nice TAPE vintage feel...FOR FREE https://ko-fi.com/anydaylong
  3. FOR FREE, but a donation is possible https://ko-fi.com/anydaylong
  4. Nice 90s organic drums here, for free. Kontakt 5.4.3 is required, but samples are included. https://ko-fi.com/s/f420d15ebd
  5. This is nice! https://ko-fi.com/anydaylong
  6. and very clean. Nice compressor!
  7. nice vintage string chords (Kontakt library) for a fair price.... https://ko-fi.com/anydaylong
  8. A free Beaatleees drumkit for Kontakt with WAV samples https://ko-fi.com/anydaylong
  9. Piano Chords with RR for Kontakt.... The library is available at AnyDayLong as a “name your price” download, including free.
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