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  1. I hope they roll the IK Auth Manager into the IK Product Manager at some point.
  2. I think that would remove an important psychological factor. Speaking for myself (obviously) I really like JamPoints and having leftovers just gets me excited about what might be around the corner.
  3. What about a way to use your pedalboard in the FX loop of Amplitube... That would rule!
  4. I'm just saying the Acustica plugins I've used sound excellent.
  5. And large files = sounds great
  6. RSMcGuitar

    Out again!

    Tucks wallet back into pocket...
  7. RSMcGuitar

    Windows 11?

    I'd hit that up.
  8. RSMcGuitar

    Windows 11?

    The ultra-functional triangular windows will be next. Add rounded and unrounded to that and that's a 25 year roadmap.
  9. RSMcGuitar

    Windows 11?

    Sounds delicious
  10. RSMcGuitar


    Luckily, an old sock was available.
  11. RSMcGuitar


    That was my nickname in highschool
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