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  1. This is a fairly strange claim. I mean isn't this just a controller? How can a controller sound amazing?
  2. I guess the number itself should have made that obvious... I'm tired! 🥱
  3. Me too. It's a shame because a little house keeping and their product would come off much better.
  4. Yeah, that's probably good advice Zo. I started doing that with my Bias FX stuff
  5. RSMcGuitar

    UVI Falcon 2

    Got a reply from UVI support. Pro Tools users should be getting this update.
  6. Do you have any issue with the Thunderbird )or maybe it's the rockerverb)? One of those I get really low volume out of it.
  7. RSMcGuitar

    UVI Falcon 2

    Hmm... I have Falcon with ProTools wonder if it's a free upgrade with that version.
  8. Bias FX works pretty great for me, sounds good too. My only complaint is that I wish Bias FX, Amp and Pedal were one thing instead of three separate things.
  9. Can't find release notes for digital synsations
  10. I dunno I'm on the newest windows with zero problems
  11. I've had a Addictive Drums drum set waiting to be used in my XLN account for like two years
  12. UJAM offer is available from the 5th September till 7th November.
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