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  1. Just as another data point... Amplitube 5 (newest version) loads and is playable in 6 seconds for me.
  2. Anyone know the price for Tracks Crossgrade? Doesn't show up for me as an option.
  3. I'd love to see an update to ReMatrix. Preset browser would be nice.
  4. RSMcGuitar

    XLN OLI Updated

    One day they'll add one snare kitpiece
  5. I would just contact support and explain the situation. They've definitely been asked this exact question and should have an answer for you.
  6. He's our safety blanket!
  7. Yay! Thanks IK! Thanks Peter! I couldn't have done it without you, guys!
  8. https://streamable.com/g0th1e EDIT: stupid non-embedded video
  9. I'm tempted with these 3 but can't help but think it's a waste...
  10. It's all about harmonic content. It doesn't really matter where it comes from, but it can make things sound better (or worse). I don't really think adding pleasant harmonic content like this is any different than any other way it's done. It's all about balancing frequencies at the end of the day. Different freqs for different freaks.
  11. I think these could be really cool on delay and reverb buses.
  12. But, also in practical terms, they definitely know if they work or not and are lying when they say they don't know.
  13. According to Waves, on their Facebook, they "don't know" if other versions with with Windows 11. What a crock...
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