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  1. I chose Brauer Motion and it seems pretty cool!
  2. Managed to get this and upgrade my AR bundle to v11 for $21!
  3. I'm running v9 v10 and v11 plugs with no issues whatsoever
  4. I upgraded to Horizon through Koby... $150 That's something like 18 new plugins
  5. Hey are bundle upgrades only for currently wupped stuff?
  6. That's how he knows are deep desires.
  7. But Thanksgiving was on Oct 14th? 🤔
  8. That's got to be a mistake. Is there anything else missing from that list? Sure looks like the only thing missing to me.
  9. If only they had something new!
  10. This is my plan...
  11. One thing I've been noticing with Bias that doesn't happen with other plugs, if I save a project using Bias... The tracks are mute when I reopen the project until I open each bias window. Does anyone else find this? I'm using S1-4
  12. Looks like 4.6 is coming early December.
  13. Black Friday has starting taking cues from "Boxing Week"
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