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  1. I have all three... They are superb in my opinion.
  2. I kinda feel guilty now 😔
  3. AAS should know better! Thanksgiving was in October!
  4. So there's really no reason to buy them except maybe once a year when you might get a discount? I guess if you buy like 1000 you get a deal too. 🤔
  5. Hey Larry, do they ever have sales on credits? I can't remember.
  6. $70 to upgrade to assistant... Think I'll finally get this
  7. I am in the exact same boat
  8. oooohhhh.... for the UPDATE.... I'm dumb
  9. $32…??? Yes please!
  10. Thought that was a pretty great video. I'm even more excited now. Any idea how the CPU hit will be in AT5 compared to AT4?
  11. If I had to guess, the new CLA plugin will be something 'punch' related
  12. Come on Mibby, we all know this simple equation: Learning things < Purchasing things
  13. If only they had something to buy!
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