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  1. How did you find out about the update? I can't see anything on their site. Not seeing release notes either 🤔
  2. I was wondering this too... it recently came available to me after saying my machine was incompatible or something like that.
  3. Been thinking about this for awhile
  4. Alright.... NOW I'm interested!
  5. I refuse to spend less than $400 on a tape emu. 🤣
  6. Alright waves.... lets just sneak that into Horizon...
  7. RSMcGuitar

    Wave GTR4

    As long as it's part of Horizon
  8. It's $199usd for me. Too rich for my blood at the moment.
  9. Was kinda hoping I could work my way there without having to go for singles.
  10. Thing is, unless I'm blind, they only seem to offer the 3 pack when they first come out. Now they're only available separately. Like, I'm not seeing a 3 reverbs bundle
  11. I just noticed when these newer ones came out they were in groups of three. I went looking for an update pay at one point but never found a way. For example, I have one reverb and wanted to upgrade to the three verbs but there was no way to do it.
  12. Does Arturia do discounted upgrades at all? I'm thinking a la soundtoys...?
  13. That might actually mean it has a different GUI
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