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  1. He just modern trailers give away the whole plot of the movie. Whereas the Presonus tease hasn't really given much away at all.
  2. In general I agree. But I'll admit, I'm pumped for this. There are literally countdowns to movie trailers at this point. Like, wasn't that the purpose of trailers?
  3. This calls for a "shut up and take my money!"
  4. Lol wow... That looks way worse than what I actually typed
  5. You can't without clicking on them... Unfortunately
  6. Man. Wasn't this announced like more than 6 months ago?
  7. Thanks Zo! Yeah, some of those sounds are definitely up my alley. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Cheers!
  8. Thanks Zo. Yeah, I mean whatever floats ones boat, but I find I tend to not like the "great tones" metalheads tend to like.
  9. Whenever I see these posts I think "These seem metal-y and not for me." I'm wondering, when people are saying good clean sounds, are they talking like breakdown in the middle of a metal song or can these do Fender-y tones? Mostly I just don't really like/play metal. I get a strong BROOTALITY vibe from the website as well. Am I totally misjudging here? I play more like Indy-rock-ish/Classic Rock/funk style.
  10. I am flabbergasted that Corel is still around (it's a canadian thing) I was under the impression they went under years ago. +100 Affinity
  11. RSMcGuitar

    XLN Summer Sale

    Honestly, I'd be really surprised. I use AD2 still and like it, but I've considered it abandon-ware for a couple years. I don't think they've added a single kitpiece the entire time it's been out.
  12. Hey while we're talking about this.... are there any actually noticeable differences?
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