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  1. For sure. I was so annoyed with it I made a thread in the IK forum asking for a fix.
  2. For me, ToneX is the best solution for in the box playing. You can load custom IRs. You can use both amp and cab, no amp just cab, or just amp. Feels great in my hands. ETA: The custom loading of cabinet IRs is a bit cumbersome in ToneX at the moment, if you are trying to load a bunch in. I suspect they will update to allow multiple IRs being added at once.
  3. Well, the BF100 code didn't work for me. But I bought the rest of the packs for the BF90 price. I'm satisfied.
  4. Ok, I got two more with the BF90 code. So a couple at BF80 and a couple at BF80. I still feel like I made out like a bandit.
  5. My assumption is that Pigments will remain separate. I'd love to see something drum oriented for v10
  6. Awesome, got the Fender Pro and Dumble this time. I've really loaded up on Tone Junkies over the last month! What a deal!
  7. Well, I added it to my account, but I haven't updated Waves Central in at least a year. No plans to either.
  8. Kinda going cross-eyed on their site. Seems to be everything BUT the monitoring add-on for just the Headphone version.
  9. Was interesting to know the history of this Canadian console (The Olive)! 🍁 Seems like Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo was recorded on this. Always liked that track.
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