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  1. Oh wow.... too late though. Finally upgraded my 1st Gen Scarlett to an Arturia Audiofuse Studio. Love it so far. My Scarlett lasted a really long time though!
  2. Yeah, I really enjoy AD2, but it does indeed feel like abandon-ware. It's funny because I would almost certainly have spent more money than necessary if they ever released adPaks.
  3. Nice. Managed to pick up MESA 2.
  4. It is CPU hungry, but at $10 it's a no brainer, if you like interesting and unique delay sounds.
  5. Seems a bit.... Corny.... 😎
  6. The trick to metric conversions is... Only using metric! 😎
  7. I think I might have finally become Fleer 😬
  8. v1 not updating to v2, or how that all really works, has stopped me from installing v2 custom shop. I have some unfinished stuff using v1 and I'm worried it would mess that up.
  9. That guitar is so new it's still got the Placentia attached... 🤮
  10. Would consider the bundle from SSL over this, personally.
  11. RSMcGuitar


    I'm sorry, but this is a really dumb thing to say.
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