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  1. I read this as Fluid Shots... and thought... Ewww
  2. RSMcGuitar

    Waves Classic Compressors Bundle

    Just curious, why do you guys think Waves never seems to update anything? Surely updated versions would attract new users as much as new products would. The only thing I've seen them update is the L1 and the Q10 for that anniversary thingy. Any thoughts?
  3. RSMcGuitar

    UAD v9.10 - The Original Studio Compressor Returns

    Can't it be both?
  4. RSMcGuitar

    AAS Lounge Lizard 4 upgrade from Sessions 3 or 4

    You get way more tone shaping options. Presets too I believe
  5. RSMcGuitar

    Waves Buy One Get 2 FREE

    True but there is usually a discount for collection owners.
  6. RSMcGuitar

    Waves MetaFilter – Free for FL Studio Users

    Skipped this... until I realized.... wait... I'm using FL.... right?
  7. RSMcGuitar

    Waves Platinum

    Yeah, but this was the mistake one. This one says it's worth $699 normally. The 'correct' email says it's worth $1999.... Bit of a difference, lol
  8. RSMcGuitar

    Waves Platinum

    Anyone else get this:
  9. RSMcGuitar

    Soundtoys Echopack

    Sorry, miss-read, that price makes more sense really! Big plate would be pretty great. Though I'd probably use Little Plate still because it's so dang simple.
  10. RSMcGuitar

    Soundtoys Echopack

    Says $349.00 for me. Anyone know if this has been a long time between releases for Soundtoys? They haven't had a new plug in in ages. I have the bundle, but I'll be a little disappointed if not a single plugin gets added before ST6. Thanks.
  11. RSMcGuitar

    Kemper Profiler OS 6.0

    All I can hear is that weird kick that sounds like clipping.
  12. RSMcGuitar

    Waves Vocal Rider + Tune Real Time

    Is Real Tune like autotune?
  13. RSMcGuitar

    New Focusrite Plugin Collective offering

    PLUG-IN COLLECTIVE: AUDIORITY From the 4th July to 5th September we have teamed up with our friends at Audiority to offer the Deleight and Distortion1 for FREE. From the 4th July to 5th September we have teamed up with our friends at Audiority to offer a 50% discount on any individual plugin and 15% off the bundles
  14. RSMcGuitar

    Audiothing Merges Valve Filter and Exciter into Valves

    Whoo Hoo a Freebie for me!
  15. RSMcGuitar

    Waves 4th of July Sale

    Was tempted... but the free ones I don't really need.