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  1. This is another good one: https://www.arturia.com/products/software-effects/rev-spring636/overview
  2. When doing automation on the Delay Time and Feedback, I would usually be using it as a delay throw. Could really use it that way for any sound source.
  3. Yeah, their installer makes it so seamless that I didn't even realize it was adding it to my iLok cloud. FYI, I find the Tube Delay excellent sounding when you automate the Delay Time and Feedback. Feels and sounds exactly like I would expect it to.
  4. Got the spring, guess I'll check it out.
  5. In my account it is listed separately and doesn't say "Cannot be sold separately." I do have something else in my account that does say that (FX2 Cross-grade)
  6. Dang, this and V Collection for $189 😬
  7. Where's the coffee?
  8. I was excited about that proposition when I got the Horizon Bundle. Then they started only adding stuff to Mercury and not other bundles. It was pretty disappointing.
  9. Good idea! You could name it after some sort of rare metal or something...
  10. Hmm... Would be all over this if there was a discount for Tape owners.
  11. Imagine if developers didn't have to constantly waste time on these Mac updates?
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