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  1. Interesting they added those filters. I wonder if they're meant for guitar or they're gearing them towards synth usage. (Obviously we can do whatever we want with them)
  2. It's showing $69 to upgrade from AnalogLab Lite to AnalogLab 4 and $ 69 crossgrade to Pigments, for me. EDIT: Why would it be an upgrade to AnalogLab 4 when v5 is out now?
  3. Yeah, I didn't do anything. I just checked and it was there again.
  4. Finally got PayPal to work!
  5. Tell you one thing, if it's intentional their support is even worse than I thought!
  6. Dang, looks nice. Maybe when I win the lottery...
  7. Yeah, support got back to me and said try again, but it's still the same. I've found IK support extremely unhelpful and unknowledgeable.
  8. But I wanna use jampointz
  9. It's so hard to find a good chair with flip up arms for playing guitar 😔
  10. Thanks for checking. I'm going to put in a support request.
  11. So I went to purchase this (because I'm a sucker) but there seems to be no paypal option. There's a box that says paypal but there is no actual button or link to click to use paypal. Anyone else seeing this?
  12. I probably don't need this..... Right?
  13. These tape emus sound excellent in my opinion.
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