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  1. Taking it even a step further, this is a VERY crappy deal hard sell if you are exclusively a bass player.
  2. I'm considering getting the SE version. Does anyone know if that is a mistake if I want to eventually get the regular version? ETA: After looking through the list of models a bit more, I really wish you could just choose what amps you wanted, like Amplitube. If I want to go from the SE version to the regular version, I'm really only gaining a few amps that I'd ever end up playing. I have no use for all the chugging metal amps, at all. Basically there are a few amps from every product tier that I would want. I get why they do that (to make money) but it's still kind of a bummer. I want to buy what I'll actually use.
  3. I believe Tone Models are just individual setups. (i.e. A preset, not the full amp in every captured configuration)
  4. I'm still going to hold out for the they pay me to use it version.
  5. If you sort the bottom panel by preset, all the presets should be available. I'm assuming you have the CS version like me.
  6. I didn't pre-order, but I downloaded the CS version. So far, this feels and sounds great! I do wish it was a little more incorporated into Amp5. I know it can do it, but it's kinda cumbersome. Great sound though!
  7. If only my Canadian dollars weren't in the tank.
  8. Same, I use colours for that. Dual Pan looks good!
  9. I'm a Studio One fanboy. That said, you are correct. I felt like v4 had more added post release than v5.
  10. RSMcGuitar

    Windows 22h2

    I just meant it came up to install............................ (and then I did it, because yes 🤣)
  11. RSMcGuitar

    Windows 22h2

    I got it today. I'm not in the beta program.
  12. RSMcGuitar

    Windows 22h2

    Anyone rocking the new update yet? Any issues?
  13. They still actively update drivers for these.
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