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  1. No @Colin Nicholls... I'm one of the worlds worst drummers! Not too bad at programming them though, and my brother is a pretty decent drummer should I need the real thing. I'm an ex-small time session bassist with a passion for synths and sound design and can passably play quite a few instruments... It was mostly death, thrash and black metal I did as a studio session player as I can be ridiculously fast, but I've always loved a huge range of genres and play/write several of them... Particularly orchestral/classical and (dark) ambient/drone. I'm one of those people who'll genuinely listen to absolutely anything once and can jam along to almost anything as long as there's a bass in my hands. Although bass is 'my instrument' I spend much more time on keys/synths at home despite being a mediocre keys player at best. And cheers, it's nice to be back! It's only three or four days since I downloaded it and I'm bowling along at quite a rate of knots already!
  2. First post here... I haven't actually used Sonar in years, but I am returning to Cakewalk. I first started using Cakewalk around 25 years ago (Version 9 I think), then moved to Sonar 4 in the mid 00's. I then moved to Reaper as it gave me significantly improved latency and reliability. Also, as RAM was tight back then, the much smaller size of Reaper gave me quite a bit more room to load up sample libs which I make heavy use of for some of the music I do. I downloaded Cakewalk yesterday and stayed up far too late just having fun. There's new stuff for sure and I know I've some learning to do, but so much was familiar that it felt like slipping on an old pair of comfortable slippers... Or rather a new pair of updated comfortable slippers! Well, maybe not slippers in my case, I'm more of a hiking boot kinda guy! Stability so far seems rock solid, and the 32GB RAM I have and DFD sample streaming available now means I'm very unlikely to run into the same issues I used to, so I think I'll be sticking with it. After more than 12 years away from it, it genuinely feels very nice to be back. Cheers to the folks at Bandlab for keeping it alive.
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