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  1. scook, all the SI programs are in the right folders, but they do not show up in the Programs Brower. I must always press the Prog key and select the right folder and finally the sound/program that I want. Looks like there is not a default pgm folder in the setup, or the Program Brower do not work correctly.
  2. Hello support team. I have a problem with Studio Instruments plug-ins. I have installed and used many types of VSTs without problems, but I cannot use the SI plug in. I installed Studio Instruments with BandLab and they are all on the VST list (SI1.jpg). I can open each instrument regularly leaving all Soft Synth Options by default (SI2.jpg), but I am unable to find any programs (xx.prog) for any of the 4 SI VSTs (SI3.jpg). When I play the midi keyboard I can see the input is received (for example I see the string of SI-Bass Guitar moving, but no sound at all. What did I do wrong or forgot to do? Tks for your advices. Bruno
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