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  1. Thanks but 1) done, 2) done, 4) ryzen 7 no lack of cpu power This issue has nothing to do with ASIO buffer - even with a low ASIO buffer I have a crazy latency in some projects. IMO: 1) Sonar is missing a plugin performance summary - there is no way to identify culprits 2) Something could be better in the PDC processing. Same setup/plugins in Studio One give me super low latency - in Sonar it is like the latency cumulates through all the channels. I think the cause might be compressors with PDC on all channels (again no way to check) but the way the PDC builds it chain, channels are not running in parallel...
  2. I have an insane latency in certain projects... Almost 3-5 seconds from a midi note to a VSTi sound... Have not been able to figure out the cause but haven't seen anything similar in other daws with similar setups. Any chances this could get looked at someday?
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