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  1. Thanks! I'll give this another shot on my end, likely this weekend given my schedule. For anyone else browsing this thread and looking for help, I did have success with Oxygen Pro's USERDAW setting, using MIDIIN3, setting up an ACT controller, and learning three sets of controls: Sliders Transport Knobs The knobs were acting flaky for a bit (would only toggle between two pan settings, and not smoothly pan from -100/+100), but they soon righted themselves for reasons I can't explain. So my setup is working, though I would like to know how to map even more functions using the Shift button. That, however, remains a mystery to me.
  2. You can check out this thread on the topic. Short answer is: yes, there's a path.
  3. Whelp, I couldn't wait until tonight. I tried to set it up as a Mackie controller but that didn't work out at all. Given the success reported by others, I'm sure I missed a step, but I'm not sure what. The good news is that it didn't mess up my previous setup. So that still works. 👍 I think my bigger issue is still my audio I/O device. But that's going off-topic, so I'll leave it here. If I try the Mackie-approach again, I'll follow up. And if anyone has additional overall experiences with CbB + Oxygen Plus, please continue to share.
  4. Oddly enough, I woke up this morning thinking this same thing. Except for me the inspiration came from Studio One. I was messing around with the free version, just to gain some perspective, and found this page. M-Audio said to configure it as Mackie, and that seemed to work without too much effort. However, I had a new problem. This time CbB stopped generating audio to my primary interface. It would work if I switched to speakers or headphones. But no data seemed to make it to my old UA-4fx. (Even though everything else on Windows had no problems doing so.) This distracted me enough that I didn't have time to look at the controller again. I'll try that out tonight (even though, at the moment, everything seems to be working on the controller front). In the meantime, I've attached a couple screenshots to give a glimpse of my current config.
  5. Aaaand, they just started working. I don't even think I changed anything. Like, I left for a while, came back, and decided to give the ACT Learning one more go. And suddenly they're responding as expected. Not sure how I feel about that.
  6. I'm in the same boat at the moment. Just got the Oxygen Pro 49 yesterday and I've spent a frustrating few hours trying to get it to work as a controller. I took the same approach as above. And at the moment I have sliders and transport controls mapped okay. Current trouble is the knobs, which I wanted to use for pan control. The ACT Learn function recognizes them, however when I turn the pots, the pan only accepts two positions: 2%R and 98%L. That's it. Anyone seen anything like that?
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