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  1. Hi Noel, Thank you very much indeed! I did not visit the forum in the last weeks but today read your PM and downloaded the pre-release eLicenser. Did a fast check and it looks like the pre-release did fix the problem. Great help from you, no question! Highly appreciating! Take care and happy recording! Tamás
  2. Hi I am happy finding this thread as I faced the same Access... problem and having read all above I had the same understanding that the problem first happened these days only - since I bought my new Steinberg UR22C audio I/O and installed the eLicenser this week. My PC is 3 months old, Win 10 regularly updated. Neither iCloud installed nor Windows cloud service enabled. No extra sw on it but the CbB and VST plugins. Also licenser for iLok (since the very beginning) and the eLicenser (right now). This PC is only for CdB. Not even MS Office. 10 mins ago I updated the eLicenser to build, problem still happens. The saving issue is solved by closing the Synopos in the task manager but I also receive individual error windows, too about the Steinberg VST apps ('Sweet Spot Morphing...' for example). Interestingly these pop-up windows show up on the taskbar with the CbB icon (!). I believe there must be something with the Steinberg things.
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