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  1. I am having big problems (on three different PCs) if I select ASIO as Driver Mode What settings do I have to set to allow me to use ASIO? DETAILS I suffered Audio Dropouts with Edit Preferences Audio - Playback and Recording - Driver Mode set to WASAPI Shared, when playing back one or more audio tracks and recording an additional audio track. In Console View the Sends box offers the expected Speakers to select from BY CONTRAST To try to avoid dropouts, I set Driver Mode to ASIO instead, but when I try to re-open Cakewalk it warns me that “There are no audio devices for the current driver model [ie ASIO] on your system. Please go to Edit Preferences Audio Playback and Recording and choose a different driver model” And with ASIO selected, Console View shows a Sends box but this lists no Speakers With ASIO selected I also get the warning: Silent Buses Detected The following tracks and buses are currently assigned to a silent hardware output The items listed below will be silent until their outputs are reassigned to an appropriate hardware output How can I use ASIO successfully?
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