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  1. Hello, I had the same issue about a year ago and I did find a solution, I didn't know others were facing similar issues until @Kinn2021 pinged me here, thanks for that btw. What I did was do a completely clean re-install of Cakewalk which means I also had to manually delete all the remaining registry keys left in the windows registry after I had uninstalled Cakewalk and all of it's addons. After doing that and reinstalling Cakewalk all the missing files for the prochannel modules appeared back. I don't why Cakewalk wouldn't install those missing files if those registry keys weren't deleted after uninstalling Cakewalk but that's what solved it for me. (I didn't have to delete any of the personal stuff like projects, personal templates, workspaces, theme files and all that, if anyone is wondering, I just copied them to a separate location like the Desktop and after reinstalling just put them back in their correct locations)
  2. I am having this same issue with one of my projects, it didn't use to appear earlier but now it does. What's even more funny is that if i close and reopen the project a few times the line disappears, but later on if i open the project again it appears. It basically comes and goes at this point and is occurring only in one particular project. The line seems to appear only in one specific location and between two specific time stamps in the project everytime it appears but is not fixed to any specific track, if i scroll through the Track View it remains fixed on the screen.
  3. Hmmmm....this looks interesting tbh...but then again u need to consider people with small laptop screens, like me...if all of it gets expanded when not in use then on laptop the faders will become too big to work with, coz rn only i need to scroll upwards in the console view to reveal the gain knobs, if it gets expanded even more it will become impossible to work in the console view, atleast for me. Ig there can be ways in which the fader length and meters and other console view sections can fit within a given visible space but ig that will need too much work rather than a few lines of code.
  4. When u start adding lots of fx in the fx rack then everything above the fx rack start to move upwards, for that the empty space is there ig.
  5. I think the Arppegiator plugin in Cakewalk is a midi plugin, u can only load it in midi tracks and it will work properly, if u try to load it onto an audio or vst instrument track it shows that error message when u open the interface telling that its missing or not properly installed while actually it's installed correctly but can only be used in midi tracks. I don't know why it hasn't been fixed that when u try to insert the midi plugins it shows that error message instead of showing something like "Cakewalk midi plugins can only be loaded on a midi track" or something like that.
  6. yes i know this, and i have to say this is honestly a really kool and handy feature.
  7. Hmmmm...so basically i need to buy any of those plugins and i will get their prochannel module versions along with the standard vst formats. Got it, thanks!
  8. Does anyone have any idea what is this pro-channel module is(marked in red) which shown in the picture on the Cakewalk by Bandlab website??...and this is the only one that I dont seem to have under my modules list in Cakewalk.
  9. There used to be a timer right above the arranger track right to the left of the Add Track and Duplicate Track buttons. It used to appear there b4 i reinstalled Cakewalk, can someone tell me the setting to enable it?
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