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  1. hey, i am having an issue after installing 2021.04 early access 2. I am trying to switch between the screensets, but when i am clicking on screenset 2, 3 or anyone except 1, its not changing and is stuck in screenset 1. Is someone else having this issue??. I am attaching the screeshots of before changing the screenset, then the transition when i am clicking on screenset 3, and after clicking it
  2. Same Issue. Also, i cant seem to be able to change my theme. I change my theme in cakewalk and exit, but when i reopen it again the theme seems to revert back to the one i previously had, it seems that cakewalk is fixed on that particular theme and doesnt change at all, pls someone tell me what to do, i want to change my theme so bad!
  3. Hello everyone, i am new to this forum, i have been using cakewalk for almost one year now, but with this latest update of January 2021, i am having this problem, i dont know if someone else is having this problem. On starting cakewalk, i am seeing a start screen with no words for 2-3 seconds and then the words are appearing, this has never happened before till now with the latest update, i have given the images of the start screen 3 seconds before and 3 seconds after. Just wanted to report this.
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