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  1. Hi Jesse, Thank's !!! That did the trick ! I'm all updated now without a hitch ! Thank you, Sir !!! Mike
  2. hi Gang !! I'm having a weird update problem.. Cakewalk is notifying me there is an update..my present working version is : 21.06 (build 057. 64bit) when I click the download button, it is downloading : Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_27.06.0.058, So, i try to update,,,and get this message, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DNVakN3BEtL5nmvczCtDzHxhnhTeYAL_/view?usp=sharing followed by this message: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oeTF5zXLKs1SN91FCGKcman0iEIe-MyJ/view?usp=sharing and finally end up with this message: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nB3fScV3g9sZ5Elvpv-GT4LdtRyEC9bB/view?usp=sharing and I there is no way to unstall Cakewalk... So I have to download, and reinstall it ... only to end up in the same cycle... Thank's , Toobs
  3. Tracks can be converted from mono to stereo, or vice-versa by selecting the recording, out in the track lane, and right clicking, you’ll find what your looking for down near “bounce to tracks”...
  4. Here’s a nice freebie VST I ran across the other day.. “Fresh Air”... It does require an I-Lok cloud authorization to use it, but, so do quite a few of my paid plugin’s, so no problem.. https://slatedigital.com/fresh-air/
  5. Although not the same plugins, I had something along the same line of thought happen the other day.. But, as I look at the picture I posted of the situation, I don’t think it’s actually doing what I though it did.. because the automation should have started dead even with the track that’s suppling the send...
  6. I believe I have one of those Casio’s WK’s in the closet.. The last time I used it in Cakewalk, it worked just fine for recording midi. Eventually, I bought a Roland Juno-Gi years ago, so I haven’t had the Casio out in a least 6 or 7 years. I've even used the smaller Casio’s with midi, and they worked just fine (they just have tiny keys) lol . But they worked just fine !! 👍🏼👍🏼
  7. Just use Audacity.. it works for all system audio, from any source...
  8. Hmmm...I've updated OmniSphere, Cakewalk, and Windows 10, plus I'm still working on projects from May. I guess I've been lucky...no problems have come up yet !! But, if I run into problems, thank's for posting this, Andres !!! 👍
  9. Although it's not the exact same scenario as what you're discribing, I've had something very weird happen just recently on my last song by total accident.. and for the life of me, I can't seem to duplicate it again.. and it would be very useful to me, just to know *why* it happened.. I've always used track automation in one form or another on every project of mine in Cakewalk.. either for volume, panning, muting, turning effects on and off... pretty much, everything, but, I've usually had to enter nodes in the automation line manually, or by manually adjusting the automation with the track "Read and Write" buttons set appropriately, and the proper automation brought into focus..but, as mentioned above , if done manually, you'll end up with micro-second complex nodes added..which takes a bit of editing to smooth out these nodes... But... in my last project, 1. I had a midi synth on track #4 (OmniSphere), of which I froze the track. I added a Sonitus Compressor to this tracks FX block 2. On track #5, my guitar track, I created a "send" to the Sonitus Compressor residing on Track #4 (OmniSphere), and adjusted the Sonitus Compressor (side chained) to pull back the volume on the Omnisphere synth track when the guitar reached a certain threshold. 3. Now, and what I don't understand is, and can't duplicate it, somehow, a volume automation lane was created on the OmniSphere Synth track lane which reflects the volume changes introduced by the Sonitus Compressor (controlled by the guitar track). I did not manually create this automation lane, but, it perfectly controls the synth output, and it's changes are shown on the OmniSphere console slider during playback, as it should... 4. But, this is just regular "side_chaining" of the "Sonitus Compressor"...something I've done hundreds of times before. I've never had this produce an automation lane before. I know I did not create this automation manually, because I would have added nodes to the automation lane to have the volume level for the synth set at "zero" until the song actually started Wuz up here ??? It would be really useful to be able to duplicate this in the future... Anyone know ???
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