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  1. I don’t know for sure, but I think it might be solved if for all three DM MIDI ports you choose “Mackie control #1” instead of #1 #2 and #3
  2. Did some stuff today with this and was very pleased with the results. I'll go over the steps here in as excruciating detail as I can. 1. I configured the midi on the DM1000. set the DAW control to usb (1-3) [1-3 is required, there's no other option]. I set REMOTE 1 to General DAW. You might notice in the photo StudioManager is set to USB 4, which isn't necessary for this, I believe none of the other settings on the screen are. Nevermind that my word clock is wrong lol 2. From there, I moved into Cakewalk. In the Control Surfaces tab of the Preferences, I hit the... plus button? What is that, a star? 3. I made a control surface with the Controller set to Mackie Control, and the Input/Output ports to both be Yamaha DM1000-1 and clicked ok 4. Repeated steps 2 and 3, but the second controller used Yamaha DM1000-2 for the in/out ports. The 3rd port seems unnecessary for my purposes, (and may cause glitching in cakewalk? I didn't test it much). Since the DM2000 has more channels though, Yamaha DM1000-3 should also be added and I believe 4 skipped. 5. Pressing ok on everything and returning back to Cakewalk, there should be a color next to your tracks that matches the color that was chosen in Control Surfaces (WAI Color) Double clicking the color brings up the menu below. As far as I know the major change was changing Protocol from Mackie Control Universal to HUI (beta) Is there a more straight forward way to get to this screen? I couldn't find one. I also haven't looked very hard. 6. I added a whole bunch of tracks to get to the other colors and did the same thing to switch to HUI. After doing it once it seems to save forever so that's good. 7. That's all I did! At this point I can switch the Remote 1 on the DM and all 16 channels on the DM work with the first 16 channels in cakewalk, and can be moved around to additional channels if necessary. The fader, mute, solo, and pan knob all work in both directions: up on the DM fader means up on the cakewalk fader and vice versa. It also shows the meters, and the time on the meter accurately to cakewalk which was a surprise I didn't expect! But wait, there's more: 8. MIDI Preferences on the DM. This is not something I touched during my testing today, and was an afterthought as I wrote this. I'm somewhat sure my settings are as in this screenshot I found on the internet. I'm more so sure that everything on ECHO is turned off. But if the above steps weren't working, check these settings out and see if that helps. 9. Because of this thread, I got a little jealous about not having transport buttons. Then, seeing the meter display the time quick and easy like that, I got to thinking if there was a way to set it up for myself. By chance I found out I could use the User Defined Keys to make it happen! So I got to setting those up, and set them up as follows: Oops, Word Clock got in the way. 12 is set as DAW STOP. DAW RTZ Returns to the start, DAW LOOP turns the loop on and off. All of these worked as intended EXCEPT for DAW UNDO, which doesn't seem to do anything at all. I would think it should work the same as Ctrl+Z, right? @msmcleod Is this one of those things that could be updated or might they mean 'undo' to mean something else and I'm just not pro enough to understand? @mameroMy thought here, is that if I could set those user defined keys up and it work perfectly with no additional work, I would have to imagine your dedicated buttons should work as well. If you get everything else working fine but the transport buttons still don't work, maybe you can try setting your User defined keys to test if THOSE will work properly, and then at least you'd know if it's some other setting with the dedicated buttons you have to change. That's all I got for today!
  3. Definitely giving this a try this weekend. Thank you for your thoughts!
  4. I have a Yamaha DM1000 and am working on a similar situation you are. For me, best luck has come from the DM being set to "General DAW", and using Mackie Control in HUI. As you stated, only the first 8 channels work with Cakewalk. I haven't thought about attempting to use the different MIDI channels (DM1000 also has 8 in and out) to try to coax it into doing more channels, I want to look into that. Sadly, the DM1000 doesn't have transport control buttons, so that side of things isn't on my radar. A couple of tangents barely relating to the thread: have you looked into Stereoscope at all? and for @msmcleod, I've been meaning to ask if there would ever be support for more than 16 channels, does this mean it's actually a limitation of HUI and not the Mackie Control in Cakewalk? And I know you've mentioned before if people have HUI want to help you test things, I don't know what that would entail but I'd be down to help somehow!!
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