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  1. SUPER SUPER SCOOK !!!!!!! I applied your solution and everything was solved (after endless failed attempts) but you must admit that for an old man like me it was not easy to arrive at the solution that now seems simple. Apparently I had somehow messed with the VST settings and who knows what else. Thank you very much, it was not a question of life or death because I have other Kontact libraries but it was something that has been tormenting me for a long time and I thought I would find the solution in the wrong place Bravo and thanks again ........ciao Riccardo ....and long life to Cakewalk !!!! my music.mp3
  2. Great Scook !!!!!, I recovered BBC Sympony Orchestra, (LABS is still dead) with a VST preference change, I unchecked the boxes (photo) , but then the Spitfire plugins are a little cursed (haha !!!!) PS I have not found a true reset of VST preferences Thanks again , ciao Riccardo
  3. thank you so much scook for your answer but, it's my fault, because I didn't explain well, the Spitfire plug-ins appear in the Plug-in Manager (see photo) but not in the Layout, I added (add plug in) the Spitfire in the Layout in different positions (Sampler, Synth, u-he, uncategorized) and I called this new Layout: aa but to no avail Of course I reinstalled the Spitfires several times but since Cakewalk "sees" them I don't think it's a problem Spitfire Ps. I have been using cakewalk since 1996, it is a splendid and today even free program, underestimated by many for ignorance Ps, I am 71 years old and therefore your patience is needed !! I am a composer of music for films and TV many thanks again
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with Spitfire Audio, I downloaded LABS (Soft Piano, Strings and Tape Orchestra) and BBC Sympony Orchestra, the files are correctly addressed (program files in users / public / public documents and dlls in the Vst plugins and they appear in the Plug in manager (see photo 1) but not in the "insert, virtual Synth" (see photo 2) all Kontact programs and other synths work perfectly I have tried everything and I can't solve the problem, thank you very much riccardo from Pinerolo Italy
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