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  1. Certainly not deliberately. What channel should it be and I'll check?
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. The usb/ midi lead is checked in preferences and I have bought another lead to check. The "in" light on the midi lead flashes when I play a note and the light on the little "midi in " icon that can be found in the bottom right of my computer screen- I believe its called the task bar also lights everytime I play a note on the midi keyboard, but if I play a note 50 times it will sound through the vst on my computer maybe once.
  3. Have had cakewalk for a month or so, was working well but now it doesn't recognise midi inputs. My midi cable is lighting up as normal when i play a note on the keyboard and the midi icon at the bottom right hand corner of the bar across the bottom of my computer screen is lighting up too, so I don't think its a problem with my cable or my midi keyboard, but it won't play the armed track. Also I can't even play a stand alone vst outside of cakewalk either, except by using the QWERTY or the mouse. Any idea what's happened?
  4. Thanks very much John. Somehow i had clicked on autopunch- don't know how, I haven't used it yet and that's what was stopping me!
  5. I have re-opened a project from last week, hoping to record some extra tracks. I can play them and hear them normally "live" but when i play the piece back today's new additions aren't there. I guess I have clicked something unwittingly in this project that stops me adding more to it but can't figure out what. I am arming the track to record a soft synth and then hitting the record button at the top just like I usually do but its not recording anything new. When I go into other projects, I can add new tracks to them just fine. Any idea what I have done?
  6. its not in my virus chest, and I can save other projects, they go to the normal place and I can re-open them. Its just the piece from the day before yesterday that's lost
  7. I recorded a piece yesterday, when I try to open it today cakewalk tells me it can't open it because "the system cannot find the path specified". Does anyone have any advice?
  8. thanks both for your advice so far. Latest update- my midi /usb lead was showing its lit up power button as soon as it was plugged into the turned on laptop, and as soon as i switched on my midi keyboard synth, the midi in light would come on and flicker very fast continuously even before i started playing. When it was like this it would work. then the midi in light on the lead went off, and everything worked as normal for maybe 30 seconds. During this time, midi in light only lit when I played a note. Then it went back to the continuous flicker' Decided to try another midi keyboard. With this keyboard the midi in light on the lead only lights when I play a note, but it still won't trigger a sound on the cakewalk vst. I keep going back to preferences, and my midi usb lead is selected as an input and I am arming my vst track and input echo is on. So not sure what to try really. Or maybe the god of music is trying to tell me something!
  9. do you know what lights should show when on a usb/ midi cable? My red "on" type light shows as soon as I plug the usb into the laptop and the green "IN " comes on and stays on as soon as I open cakewalk and turn on my midi keyboard. Should my "in" light be on when I am not holding any notes down on my keyboard?
  10. Thanks for your response tecknot, no vst can be played by external midi keyboard now within cakewalk and I have tried to play NI Absynth standing alone but that doesn#t work either. I have checked midi echo is on and in preferences that my usb midi lead is selected. My laptop says "midi input output activity" in the bottom right hand corner where it says show hidden icons, so I guess youre right I will buy a new cable. Thanks for trying Dom
  11. I hope someone can suggest what I've done wrong. I finally got my system set up, could play from my midi keyboard into an armed track in Cakewalk to play a vst live and record the midi. All great for a few days. Now i can't, the pc still says a midi lead is connected ok, the light on the lead itself lights up, the stuff I have already recorded into Cakewalk still plays the vsts fine but playing on my midi keyboard no longer sounds on my pc. Now I can't play new stuff into vsts in Cakewalk or even play the standalone outside cakewalk. But when I play their virtual keyboards they sound fine. Any idea what the problem is?
  12. I am clicking in a track that already has a midi instrument and can play it when it is pre-recorded ( I downloaded a Sati midi track as a demo) I can change the track to play my new Virtual instrument which is Spitfire LABS, but I can't get in there to play my own notes. If you have any more thoughts I would welcome them, meanwhile I will start doing my homework on the tutorials. Regards, D
  13. Thanks for your response scook. I tried with this input echo on and auto thru, but neither plays my soft synths in the DAW via my playing my midi keyboard, but I can play my Absynth via my midikeyboard outside of my Daw. Have you any other ideas?
  14. Hi, total novice to computer midi recording and struggling! I have downloaded Cakewalk and LABS by Spitfire and Absynth. I can get them to play the midi of prerecorded midifiles but I can't play either instrument "live" via my midi keybpoard. The midi keyboard is plugged in OK because it does play the absynth when I play absynth direct- not thru the cakewalk. Any idea what I have done wrong?
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