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  1. They are doing pro for £229 on its own, £235 with an Atom. or 239 with an interface... pretty amazing. Thats cheaper than an upgrade from artist to pro. Since writing the two lines above I called inta to see if they could do a package with the faderport instead of atom (Figured I own enough pad controllers).. they are getting back to me on that. Thought I'd try Cakewalk one more time and you will never guess what I have perfect sync for the first time. If I can configure the transport on BSP I think I'll give it a go for a bit.
  2. Indeed. A real shame. It's these fundamental basics that make people move on. If Bandlab want to make a go of this thing I reckon sorting out this kind of thing should be their priority. Am I right in thinking latency delay compensation cant be adjusted live and we have to stop playback to adjust it, that is very old fashioned. I've not really tried Reaper properly yet, if I cant get good sync by the end of the afternoon I think I am definitely going with S1. There are some amazing deals on inta audio (UK), I never used them or even heard of them before a couple of days ago but reviews seem good. Their studio one prices are suspiciously way lower than anywhere else but all seems legit.
  3. Hi Andy. Tried a load of audio and midi syncing tests today with my novation circuit and old drum machine. Took me ages to get a decent midi sync and when I pressed record the audio was way out. I tried in S1 and it just worked without any tweaking whatsoever. I will try again tomorrow but I am sad to say I am once again leaning heavily towards s1 as my main DAW. You mentioned you dont use S1 any more. Do you want to sell/transfer your licence?? I do plan to use CW on surround sound projects we have coming up in a month or two. Bests Craig
  4. Hi Cheers Andy. I do have a volca FM which uses sysex I think. I havnt tried it yet tho. Will this effect me?? Plus I think one of my drum machines might use something like that too. Like I said I am going to definitely give cakewalk a real good go. Thanks for your help Craig
  5. Thanks.... If I am honest I am not really sure what that is or how it will affect me?? I reckon I am now confident I can get Cakewalk working as well as S1. The decider will be latency. S1 recorded both midi and audio absolutely perfectly, I did not have to stop and adjust anything. Absolutely not what I have been used to on Ableton using exact same hardware. (Soundcraft notepad 12FX and Thinkpad T460 16gb) If I get the same results with Cakewalk I will be sure to stick with it. Do you have transport buttons working properly on you BSP Cakewalk setup??
  6. Hi all. Thanks for the responses..... Some really great info there..... brilliant! The settings I mentioned were the timing settings in BSP midi control centre and in cakewalk midi sync. https://forum.arturia.com/index.php?topic=92250.0 Initially I was hellbent on BSP being the master as I like to use it with my collection mini synths etc before even turning a computer on. I am having trouble with midi thru on the BSP which is causing other complications and essentially meant I would need two different configurations depending on whether I was running a computer or not. As a workaround I ended up having to output midi from my DAW via my launchpad pro. I am essentially trying to have a DAW free setup which I can seamlessly integrate with a DAW when needed/fancied. However I have had a real breakthrough with studio one as the master. I must say am really impressed with the latency on Studio One and I am leaning towards a studio one purchase. However I am not supposed to be spending money at the moment and I would very much like to support Cakewalk so will try and replicate my success in Cakewalk before I give the credit card an unexpected bashing. I am now much more relaxed about using my BSP in slave mode. I realised the main issue was not being able to use the transport buttons, so long as I can configure those beauties to work properly I'm super happy. I have to say for me at least Studio one seems so modern and easy on the eye & brain compared to other DAWS including Cakewalk. Dont get me wrong I like the look and feel of Cakewalk & I am really interested to see what Cakewalk do to modernise in the future. My aim is to make a decision that I will stick to and never look back from by the end of the week. Haha. Thanks all Craig
  7. Hi. Anyone successfully sunc cakewalk to a beatstep pro??? I want the beatstep to be the master and Cakewalk the slave. I did find a post on the artturia forum but the settings did not work for me. Cakewalk responds and starts playing but immediately goes out of sync. Cheers Craig
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