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  1. Hello. This is happening again. Problems with the Cakewalk vst with the plugin manager.
  2. No, that is not working. The longest one it takes is 6:00 length, even the last not played is 8:00 length
  3. Hello. If you edit the length of the audio and you bounce the result to a clip, the audio disappears. This wasn't happening in the previous version
  4. Yes, I have the same options, but how you do if you want a note longer than a Whole Dotted?
  5. I had already read that before posting and is not enough information, and that has no realation with my issue.
  6. I'm just copy pasting any kind of track. The issue is that is not being pasted in the right track unless I click on this track everytime I do the paste, even if this tracks is selected.
  7. Sorry, I thought that you knew it as pentagram aswell. We call in Spanish pentagrama but I meant the staff, the music sheet. Thank you all.
  8. You are able to open the pentagram view as well (Alt +7 if I am not mistaken), and write the notes as regular music sheet. Just like Guitar Pro.
  9. I'm not talking about interpretation. The tunning of the notes can be modified in the midi signal as well
  10. Hello. I'm wondering if it is possible to configure pentagrams with microtonal tunning, or just keeping the different tunning of another tunnings like well tempered or Pythagoric scale. I have some synthetizers which allow you to do this kind of things. It sometimes help to get different colors in music, and also helps for contemporary music composition. Regards.
  11. Let me give you a quick update. If you click on the note it saves the velocity, but the maximum length is 6:00. So if you click in a note which is 8:00 woth 127 as velocity it will save 127 as velocity, but 6:00 as length.
  12. Hello. This process is working weird, if you select the notes in the Pentagram mode, or in the Piano Roll and click on listen/test button (I'm sorry, I don't know how is this written in English) it plays both the original notes and the quantized at the same time. Does anyone is having the same issue? Also I would like to ask. Is there anywhere explained what each groove pattern is doing? I'm not able to understand what it is doing. Regards
  13. Hello. I must say that the Pentagram MIDI edition it was easier in Sonar, as it was an interface where you were ablo to select the length of the notes. For example, if you want to write a note with the length of 8:00 you need to edit one by one every semibrave(4:00) and edit the length of it. Also in Sonar if you clicked over one note it took the length and velocity of that note. Why is not doing that now? Also, the edition it was faster because you were able to change the length of a note just clicking the numbers. Now with the numbers arechange the interface configuration. Is this going to change in the future? And whi the smart tool doesnt work for the pentagram edition if you want to increase the velocity? Regards.
  14. Hello. I am new in this forum but I have been user of Cakewalk Application since 3.0. First of all I want to give thank you for all you make possible to make this free. I want to share with you an issue I have that is not being solved in Cakewalk by Bandlab, but this issue wasn't there when Cakewalk it was Sonar. When I copy one track and I paste it I need to first click the track before doing that, if not it being pasted anywhere else. This step finally makes all the edition slower if you need to do additional clicks everytime you want to copy/paste something. This is happening even is the track where you want to paste it is highlighted as selected. As this problem wasn't in Sonar I guess that is anything to be solved, and let me tell you that I have Cakewalk Bandlab installed in more thatn one computer and it happens in both of them. Is anyone having the same issue?
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